10 Great Books You Should Read Before You Turn 30

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Great Books you should read as books are portable magic. They’d transform you from an ordinary, demotivated soul to an extravagant fighter.

Books are a sanctuary for every individual with a spontaneous imagination; they are the friends in the loneliest of times and they are the teachers.

Great books are written by some great literary minds of their time, they are written with a great theme, characters, emotions, experience, and perspectives that are still relevant today.

Today we have listed 10 great books you should read of all times.

Want to know what are the top picks so far for great books you should read before turn 30? Scroll below :-

George R.R Martin once said;“A reader lives a thousand lives. The man who never reads lives one”

Will you like to live a thousand years in just one? Then, read good books. But, which great books should you read? There are thousands of good books out there but we have handpicked 10 of the best we think you should read before you’re 30. These 10 are not necessarily the best, but in our opinion, they are books you should read again and again. These are 10 books we think you should read before you turn 30;

List of 10 Great Books You Should Read :-

Book No 1. How to win friends and influence people Dale Carnegie: –

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Great Books You Should Read

How to win friends and influence people was written in 1936. That was several decades ago, yet the book has proven to be one of the bestselling books ever in the history of the human race. Why should you read this book? No matter who you’re, you’re going to have to deal with human beings every day of your life.

Your ability to get human beings to love you and to support you is very important to your success in life. “How to win friends and influence people” is probably the best book you can read to know how to deal with people, to make them love and support you. Just as the title suggested, this book will teach you how to win good friends and how to influence people.

“Success doesn’t demand a price. Every step forward pays a dividend.”- Magic Of Thinking Big

Book Number 2 :- You Can Negotiate Anything by Herb Cohen

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Great Books You Should Read

Why is this book so great? Herb Cohen happens to be one of the greatest negotiators in the world. He has negotiated so many big deals even for nations and this book is all about how to get what you want from people and this is very important because you’re going to have to negotiate your way through life, especially if you want to achieve great success in life. Life won’t give you what you deserve, but what you negotiate. If you want to know how to be a great negotiator, go and pick Herb Cohen’s book right now.

“The unvarnished truth is that almost all the people you meet feel themselves superior to you in some way, and a sure way to their hearts is to let them realize in some subtle way that you recognize their importance, and recognize it sincerely.”- How to Win Friends & Influence People

Book No. 3 The millionaire next door By Tomas J Stanly

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Great Books You Should Read

Why is this book so Great? Through the millionaire next door you’ll be able to get to see that most people who became millionaires in the world came from nowhere. Probably you have excuses before now about your background, your poor country, or whatever. Reading this book will open your eyes to a new reality about life because you’ll discover that 80% of people who make it to become rich and successful in life came from nowhere.

You’ll then discover that you have no excuse. Some of the things this book will show you is, how not to look rich, but to be rich. Most people in the world, especially at their20’s or 30’s make looking rich their priority. Whenever they earn money, they blow it on new phones, new clothes, new television, etc. The millionaire next door By Tomas J Stanly is a book we recommend for every young person who wants to be rich in life.

“I will live this day as if it is my last. This day is all I have and these hours are now my eternity. I greet this sunrise with cries of joy as a prisoner who is reprieved from death. I lift my arms with thanks for this priceless gift of a new day.”- The Greatest Salesman in the world

Book No. 4 Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely

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Great Books You Should Read

I get it. This is about psychology, but if you understand human psychology very well, then you is probably going to learn how to deal with humans better and if you deal with human beings better, you’re probably going to be more successful than most people in the world. You should try and read predictably irrational because it will open up your mind to how irrational human beings can be and how to better deal with humans.

“Action is a great restorer and builder of confidence. Inaction is not only the result, but the cause, of fear. Perhaps the action you take will be successful; perhaps different action or adjustments will have to follow. But any action is better than no action at all.”- The Power of Positive Thinking

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Book No. 5 Tough Time Never Last But Tough People Do By Robert Schuller

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Great Books You Should Read

Why is this book so important? This book is so important because no matter who you are, no matter what you have, no matter who your parents are, no matter which country you’re, a significant part of your life is going to be difficult. We’re sorry but that’s the truth. Especially if you dream big and want to achieve success with your life, you just have to go through some tough moments. For most people, when they encounter tough times, what they do is to believe that their problem is exceptional to them.

Through this book, you’re going to discover that tough time comes to virtually every human being and the best strategy is not to find a way to be tougher than the tough times. We recommend you read this book especially if you are still young because you have probably three to five decades ahead of you and some moments of those years will be tough. So pick up “Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People do” and that probably will keep you strong for the rest of your life.

“Alternating periods of activity and rest is necessary to survive, let alone thrive. Capacity, interest, and mental endurance all wax and wane. Plan accordingly.”- The 4-Hour Workweek

Book No. 6 Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

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Great Books You Should Read

I know you probably have heard the name of this book and you have probably read it sometimes ago. But you’ve probably forgotten most important lesson in “think and grow rich” and probably you just heard about the book and you read about the summary and that’s all. Now, this is a solid advice I have to give you. Go ahead and pick think and grow rich again. But why should you read this book? Well, no other book in history has made more people rich than Think and Grow Rich.

“If you truly desire money so keenly that your desire is an obsession, you will have no difficulty in convincing yourself that you will acquire it. The object is to want money, and to be so determined to have it that you convince yourself that you will have it.”- Napolean Hill (Think and Grow Rich)

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 Book No. 7   7 Habit Of Highly Effective People By Stephen Covey.

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Great Books You Should Read

Like many books in this list, 7 Habit Of Highly Effective People has been writing for a long time but up till today it’s still one of the bestselling books right as we make this video. There is an important reason for that. Stephen Covey analyzed seven habits that actually make people succeed in life. One of those habits as explained in this book is that people who succeed in life are proactive. Successful people don’t look at what is wrong with life; they look at what they can make right.

They don’t look at what they can complain about; they look at what they can fix. They don’t wait for anybody to help them; they go out and get things done. Successful people don’t look for external forces to change their life. Instead, they stand up and do that change they’ve been dreaming of. If you want to know 7 important habits that make successful people succeed, pick up 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People and read it all over again.

Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world. – Malala Yousafzai

Book No. 8 Why You Act the Way You Do by Tim Lahaye

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Great Books You Should Read

Why should you read this book? This book is about personalities and temperaments. This is a book about human behaviors and it’s going to be of good help to you to really understand why people are different. I know you probably understand that people are different, but it’s going to be of good value for you to understand why people are different and in specifics how people are different. Why You Act The Way You Do will help you to have a better understanding about who you are and who other people are. This understanding will help you to be successful faster in life.

“If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking.”
― Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood

Book No. 9 Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

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Great Books You Should Read

Yes, I know you have heard about Rich Dad Poor Dad because it’s probably the most famous book in this generation. Probably you’ve not read it or you read it but have forgotten the lessons inside it. This is a wakeup call that you really need to pick this book and read it all over again. Why should you read this book? Rich dad poor dad was writing to challenge a two hundred years assumption about money and education. If you’re under 30, you don’t just have to read this book. You have to eat it and follow its advice.

“Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.”
― Mark Twain

Book No. 10 The Richest Man In Babylon by George S. Clason

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Great Books You Should Read

Just like rich dad poor dad, this is another famous book which many people have heard about but never read. Some people have read this book but have forgotten the lessons it teaches The lessons inside The Richest Man In Babylon is very simple but it can change your financial life completely. One of the lessons inside The Richest Man In Babylon is, keep at least 10% of your income and invest that into your future. Many other simple financial lessons are there in this book.

“A hundred years ago–even 20 or 30 years ago–it was possible, if not always easy, to close major business by calling on and satisfying a key decision-maker. Today, every piece of business entails multiple decisions, and those decisions are virtually never made by the same person. Not only do you have to contend with multiple decisions, but the people who make those decisions may not even work in the same place.”- Strategic Selling

Final Thoughts

The best investment is to invest in increasing your knowledge. You deserve to know you are worthwhile. Try to remember that things will get better and that anything is possible. How do you do so? Invest in yourself.

These 10 books were key to helping me change my life. I rediscovered my purpose and my strength. I hope that by reading these books, you will find the same inspiration and motivation to your challenges in life.

Thank you so much for. If you love this, our team will be VERY happy if you like and share this with your friends on social media. And because we’ll help you to discover the secrets of success from good books and great people. We Love You!

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Top Quotes from the books above listed :-

“The key to financial freedom and great wealth is a person’s ability or skill to convert earned income into passive income and/or portfolio income.”- Rich Dad, Poor Dad

“Budget thy expenses that thou mayest have coins to pay for thy necessities, to pay for thy enjoyments, and to gratify thy worthwhile desires without spending more than nine-tenths of thy earnings.”-The Richest Man In Babylon


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