How to add your business to google maps in 3 steps? Get it Now

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How to add your business to google maps and get it displayed on google maps for a customer to find :-

The most important thing is that to add your business to Google maps you need to create a Google account .

Some benefits of Google My Business account:-

  1. Whenever your business add to google my business listing you are listed in Google maps as well.
  2. Google list Your business for a local search which helps your customers get your business in google search and google maps.
  3. Whenever anyone searches for anything in Google it shows business related to that category at the top of search from google my business listing.
  4. You can add unlimited photos, events, new offers & discount in Google my business for a customer.
  5. You will get a free website from google which helps you to optimize your listing in Google.
  6. Free website will helps user a very good and remarkable impact for your business.
  7. Google my business service is free, you can add unlimited location, business. Google will not charge anything for that.
  8. You can edit and change Google my business later like address, phone numbers, offer product and service category serviceable area, etc. 


Key points to remember when you add your business to google maps :-

  • You need a google my business account.
  • Phone number and email address to contact you directly for your business service / products.
  • Some photos of your business (your team, your work for better optimization)
  • You can hire our self to optimize your business at a nominal cost.

If you have a business now a day, you need to be listed on google maps as well as a physical location.

For local SEO google business and google maps is very useful (very important). As a report says every 6 out of 10 people search their needs on Google search engine .

An internet user in India day by day increasing over 60 cr of people now in India using smartphone, by 2025 it will increase to 100-110 Cr people.

As online internet increasing so people searches for any business and service on internet.

How to add your business to google maps :-

If you have created a google, my business account then follow these few steps to complete your business profile and get found by your customers.

Step 1 :- Add Your business name

Step 1 add your business on google my business 1 - How to add your business to google maps in 3 steps? Get it Now

Go to google my business and first log in to your account using Gmail account (Google account).

Then enter your business name and complete the first step to add your business to google maps.

Step 2 :- Select Business Category

step2 add your business to google maps - How to add your business to google maps in 3 steps? Get it Now

Add your business category from the category by related keyword of your business when you search google shows category list.

You can add new categories and update categories of your business later by editing.

Step 3:- Add location

step 3 add your business to google maps - How to add your business to google maps in 3 steps? Get it Now

Do you provide service to customer at your business address business location? You can select YES or NO

Step 4:- Add Address of Your Business

step 4 add your business to google maps - How to add your business to google maps in 3 steps? Get it Now

Add your business location on maps and address properly so that customer can find your business easily.

Step 5 :- Locate Your Business in Maps

step 5 add your business to google maps - How to add your business to google maps in 3 steps? Get it Now

Locate your business address at google maps. Drag and position the marker on the exact spot of your business to find for your customer.

Step 6:- Do you provide service to customer outside your location?

step 6 add your business to google maps - How to add your business to google maps in 3 steps? Get it Now

If you also serve customers outside your business location the tick on the Yes button otherwise click on the No button

Step 7:- Add Your Serviceable area

step 7 add your business to google maps - How to add your business to google maps in 3 steps? Get it Now

Add your business serviceable area you serve customers within your city or state. You can select upto 20 locations for your business listing on Google

Step 8:- Add your phone number and website

step 8 add your business to google maps - How to add your business to google maps in 3 steps? Get it Now

Add your contact number and website address for your customer to find you easily for their need . And get contact directly to your customer.

Step 9:- Finish your listing

step 9 add your business to google maps - How to add your business to google maps in 3 steps? Get it Now

Pop up a new screen for finish and manage listing.

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Verify Your Business Location :-

After add your business to google maps verify your business for display in google maps and google search. There are many ways to get verified your business.

  • By mail:- Google will send a postcard with verification code of 6 digits to your physical location to verify your business.
  • By email:- BY email you can also verify your business, this facility is available for  business not for all category of business.
  • By call:- Google interactive service will call you and send a verification code over there and verified your business. It only available for certain businesses.
  • Bulk verification process:- You can verify bulk location for your business at various places like franchise and outlets branches available for your business. There will be an extra form and process to verify your business bulk location at once from your google my business account. Google will verify your each location within a week or two after your request.
  • Google Search Console :- By google search console account and they verify your business website through search console instantly. They allow very few business categories to verified through this process.
  • Set up google my business page to complete the verification and listed process. If you don’t already have my business account, you can add your business and create an account at the same time.

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How to optimize your Google my business listing :-

After verified your business listing on google GMB. Now you can edit various product services and other to get your profile listed at the top.

Go to Google my business first step. Sign into your business account, go to dashboard and fill all the sections and information that helps your customers to reach your business.

The more information you can give in your profile easiest way to rank on Google listing.

Your web address, phone number your serviceable area your hours of service all the things you can provide on your profile.

You can edit, remove and add anything at any point of time, just login to your google my business profile GMB dashboard section, you can make changes and edit any info about your business and apply your changes to display in Google.

Photos for your Google :

As a data of google shows that business with photos gets more impressions over internet than the business without it.

Average 40-50% higher request and click on Google search engine. Also get clicked for direction in Google maps driving.

Profile Photo:-

You can upload profile photos in your business it will display over Google search whenever anyone searches for your business.

Cover photos:-

You can also add cover photos to get better responses in your business listing on maps.

Google my business review

In modern times reviews are most necessary thing for Business. People trust reviews for anything for their choice.

You may show every time people trying to find and buy something they search for reviews on Google by its user.

The customer visited your business before you can ask them to review your services and product and it will help your future customers to avail your business services.

It will influence your customer to buy your product and service.

People may leave both positive and negative review, you need to respond both positively so that people who left negative comment also come again for your business and give best and positive reviews.

Google My business App:-

Google My business available in Google Playstore and Apple App Store. You can download and login to a business account and edit changes of your business right from your smartphones.

Some FAQs

1.What is Google My Business:-

Google my business is a free tool that lets you manage how your business appears on Google Search and Google Maps

2. Why google my business listing is important in 2020?

In 2020 most of the people in this world have using smartphone , also search their need in google maps and google search engine.

So if you want to scale up your business you need to be present online in 2020.

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3. How to optimize your business listing?

First add your business to google maps by our agent then get our service to optimize your business and found in your area at first position in your category.

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