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Bang On Network Marketing 2.0 is a complete full package as Everyone in todays world wants to become rich and live independently. How wonderful life will be if there is no boss, no timing, freedom to work and life in his own choice, right?

Today I’m sharing an opportunity which will make you ultra and super rich and fulfill all your wish. To happen this, you must take action and follow exactly what you’ve learned.

opportunity  - Bang On Network Marketing 2.0 Version Review- Buy Now Course
Bang On Network Marketing

So, Just now what you read and what you dream of having a wonderful life all this can be fulfill by doing MLM (multi level marketing) which is a direct selling Industry. Here in this industry, there is no third party between company to consumer. The good part you’re consumer also and you’ll get an opportunity to work with company to earn a good life.

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As we know how difficult being a Middle class. We suffer and fight for everything what we want. Some time we sacrifice our dream just for sake of family condition. Today I’ll have brought you a solution where you need not to compromise your dream.

You can achieve everything whatever you want in life. Read the entire article to understand what is MLM and how this will help you to achieve your dream?

Why To Do MLM?

Mlm also known as Network marketing which is a direct selling Industry . This mean there is no third party between Company to consumer. In this way you’ll get an excellent product in no hidden charge and Company also offer an opportunity to work with them.

Network Marketing  - Bang On Network Marketing 2.0 Version Review- Buy Now Course

Basically, you know the economy of India is suffering and coming future it will be more expensive. India which has an enormous population there is a scarcity of Jobs. Despite being highly graduated and talented people aren’t getting their job because of a vast population.

To survive from poverty and hunger many people live like a labour, Highly graduated people work in a minor post, So many people went out of country to settle down, Everyday people dying because of poverty, Depression and Stress. They sacrifice their Dream, Wish and serve their family because of India’s condition.

poverty  - Bang On Network Marketing 2.0 Version Review- Buy Now Course

To save people from this gigantic problem, Network Marketing exist in the market. MLM is a blessing for those who are trouble in this crucial period. MLM has changed thousand of people lives from no where ordinary to extraordinary.

MLM not only give you a surviving life like job but it will change your life from a normal person to star. Mlm is for everyone here you’re not select based on education, age, talent, skill, religion, caste, etc.

Network Marketing is for all either you’re Student, Jobholder, Housewife, Labour, Retire person everyone. Mlm will give you a talented Leader who will walk and teach you to get success and reach in top level.

This business is a team work where everyone is respect with equally. MLM is so powerful industry over the last 10 years this industry has produce over 90% Millionaire to the country.

There are many reasons to join Mlm but I’ll share you top 10 reasons.

10 Reasons to Join MLM

Easy Entry and Exit Cost

This business can be started by shopping for a few products that we generally need in our daily life. You can start this business by being a customer. You can close this business simply by deciding to discontinue. There is basically no loss as you have already got the product.

Time Freedom

In this business you can work on your convenience from anywhere at anytime. Generally, the period of this business is 3-5 years between this you’ll grow and you Will start earning passive income. So, there will be freedom of time as you’ve already set the business and you’re earning without giving much efforts.

Financial Freedom

The biggest problem in our life is money. In this business once you grow up you’ll earn passive income in your entire life. This is the power of Mlm system once you need to put your effort and dedication for 3-5 years and live your life with financial freedom.

Dream Car

BMW - Bang On Network Marketing 2.0 Version Review- Buy Now Course

Getting a dream car is everyone wish but as for Middle class it’s like to climb Mount Everest. With years of saving middle-class people buy a normal car. But no worry in this business people are driving a luxury car like Audi, Mercedes, Jaguar, BMW and many more. You can also bring your dream car in a very short period through this business.

Dream House

luxury house - Bang On Network Marketing 2.0 Version Review- Buy Now Course

Getting a luxurious house is first wish, but for middle-class it’s hard to have. Again in Mlm you can bring a luxurious house where you can live with your family. You need not to stay in your old home / In rent.

Luxury Tour

Luxury tour  - Bang On Network Marketing 2.0 Version Review- Buy Now Course
pushkar with his wife

Traveling the whole universe is the best feeling we all want. But for middle class because of their job and budget, this wish remain unfulfilled always. In mlm you can enjoy and travel the unique part of the world you need not to worry about budget or busy schedule. Company will offer you a free tour every year, and you can go private with your own family.

Celebrity Status

Leadership  - Bang On Network Marketing 2.0 Version Review- Buy Now Course
Pushkar in seminar

How you feel when you see a celebrity getting fame, respect and recognition? Mlm exist to give you best life, Yes in mlm you’ll also get fame, recognition, respect all over the Industry will know you. This is the best life you’ve ever wish to live.

Personal Development

There is an old saying “Your interior world reflects the outer world” this mean the more you learn, your skills, the more you get success. Getting a dynamic personality where other people feel your aura will make you different from a crowd. Yes, you’ll learn the best personal development and life lesson in mlm.

Lifestyle of Own Choice

Living a complete life working in a job under a boss and following his lecture and order wasn’t easy. It’s too tough, but there is no escape for middle-class people. Mlm provide you that freedom where you can build your life on your own choice. You’re the owner in mlm, and there is no boss who give you order.

Contribution to Society

You’ll help society by providing them a beautiful opportunity to change their life. If you change your life and help other’s people to change their life is the best work you’ll ever find. Your little action help in building a moral society and a contribution to country.

After learning the benefit of Mlm you may feel unbelievable same happen to me. Mlm has change people’s lives and there are living proof. You can find a lot of stories in Youtube. Choosing Mlm will change your life.

About Author

Pushkar Raj Thakur is a man who started the Mission to make India GoSelfMade. He is a serial EntrepreneurMaster of Leadership Psychology, Business Trainer and Personality Coach.

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Pushkar Raj Thakur

He belongs to Middle class family from Delhi. He started his journey at 17years old and run 4 different coaching centre. During his early age he learns Communication skill, Psychology, Personality Development and even he used to attend a seminar of top leader every Sunday.

During the age of 19 he joins MLM and build his carrier. He became the youngest and fastest millionaire. After working 4 years with tremendous success he retires from MLM. He has achieved everything Dream car, Dream house, Luxury tour, Fame recognition, etc.

Pushkar Raj is one of the most influential Motivational Speaker and Business Development Coach in India. He is inspiring Millions of People and helping them to Builds their Dream. He is also regarded as the Youth Icon and the change Expert.

He has been featured into Several publications such as the Times of India, Hindustan times, etc. He is giving free, Motivational knowledgeable lesson in his Youtube channel. He trained on Digital Marketing, Online Business Development, Entrepreneurship, Success Mindset, Influencing People, Network Marketing, Leadership, Sales, Performance Acceleration, Wealth Creation and Life Mastery.

Pushkar raj - Bang On Network Marketing 2.0 Version Review- Buy Now Course
Pushkar Raj Thakur

Pushkar Raj was known for his Digital Domination specially on You Tube and also Social Media Influencer. He has created some of his trademark course Bang on in Network Marketing (2.0), Advanced Personality Development, The design of my life, and The Fast track Millionaire.

He is founder of PRT Global Solutions, which he helps people and inspire them to GoSelfMade. The Valuation of PRT Global Solution is over 200 crores. He is also founder and CEO of Coursedes Learning Solution Pvt Ltd, which is an E-learning platform, which help people to learn from distinct places.

PRT - Bang On Network Marketing 2.0 Version Review- Buy Now Course
Image source PRT profile

Apart from being all this success he is also a Director Of Gry Now Media Pvt Ltd, which is an Influencer marketing company which manages celebrity Influencers and their Brand Affiliations.

Pushkar is a growing Entrepreneur all his venture is growing and making profitable. His Leadership Vision, Electrifying Motivation, Life Transformation Wisdom and Powerful Business Insight making people love him and follow him. He is a growing star of India and mentor for rising Entrepreneur.

Bang On Network Marketing Course details (2.0)

Bang on network marketing course is an online mlm course for network marketers. It is India, no 1 Course update version of Bang on 1. People who are lack of skills in Mlm, Low earning payout, Struck in Mlm, those who want to become top earner in fast period Bang on Course is for you. Every problem of network marketers in mlm Bang on course is a solution.

Bang On 2.0 1 - Bang On Network Marketing 2.0 Version Review- Buy Now Course
Bang On Network Marketing

You need skills to perform better in your field either you’re in Sports, acting, Engineer, Doctor, etc. The delightful news you’ve academy in this field where you can learn. There is a coach for Sports, there is a teacher, academy, training class for you to master in that field.

Mlm which is a life changing business doesn’t have any academy or training class you’ll learn outside. There is no particular subject on this. You need to learn from top network marketer Leader to get success in Mlm.

In this Bang on network marketing course you’ll get all the skills you need to master in Mlm. No matter you’re a beginner, already in industry or top level you can learn this and bring a change in your business.

Rich people have said “Investment in yourself is the best investment”. You will get a higher in return for your investment. There is no shortcut to master without skills in any field.

This Bang on Network marketing course will guide you step by step how to walk and perform like a pro. It will teach you from beginner to top earner. You don’t need any education, age, gender, caste, background religion to join this course. This course is for everyone those who are looking big in Mlm.

You can learn this Bang on network marketing course through online. No matter where you belong from. It is an ultimate time saver as it gives you the exact recipe for success with exact proportion of the ingredients which help you avoid the common mistakes most people make im Network marketing.

You’ll learn to answer the objections people make and make them join. Remember, If you are going to cut the woods first invest to sharpen your axe and Yes this course is the sharpener. Be smart.

This course is a 100 days online course. Now let’s see what you’ll get to learn from this course.

Content of Bang on Network Marketing Course (2.0)

Mindset Development

Dreams: How to set dreams and achieve what looks Impossible today.

Option: Understanding and Evaluation all the options available to achieve your dreams.

Network Marketing As it is: 6 concepts that will make anyone join Mlm.

Network Marketing vs illegal Schemes: 5 concepts to tell people and they will never say network marketing is illegal.

Network Marketing Myth: Exact answers to major questions people make and breaking their myths.

What are you actually doing?: 8 best answer to the questions when people ask you what are you doing?

What’ll happen after all?: Understanding the process how things will build up for you in 8 steps.

Why to promote a company?: Understanding how network marketing is better than having your own company.

Company-Products-Plan-doesn’t matter: Knowing what matters the most to recruit people.

The Right way to start Network Marketing: 4 things to know before you start your Network Marketing Business for sure shot success.

Skills Development

Super Prospecting: How to get unlimited people to join your business.

What do you do formula?: Prospect anybody anywhere with this formula for your business.

The principle of Reaction: Know how to take results in your control.

Warm Market Prospecting: Know how to prospect people in your business?

The Law of Averages Working: How to play with numbers.

Offline Prospecting Stage II: Know how to prospect even if you have exhausted your list.

Social Media Recruitment: Learn how to recruit unlimited people from Facebook, Instragram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, You tube, etc.

Invitation Skills: 4 step formula to Invite people with examples.

Head on Approach: Learn how to invite people with examples.

Zig-Zig Approach: The indirect approach to invite people with Satisfying their ego.

Boomerang Approach: People won’t suspect that you are inviting but still they will be invited with this approach.

Cold Market Invitation Skills: Learn to Invite anybody anywhere straight to your Business Opportunity Meeting.

Invitation Based on Personality Types: Learn how to Invite 4 different colour Personality type people with unique strategies that work 100%.

Presentation Skills: 5 step formula to give rock stars presentations.

2minutes Presentation: Learn how to give a presentation about your business in just 2 min.

25 minutes Presentation: Learn how to give a complete presentation and what to say to convert the Prospect when you sit knee to knee.

The most Important Points during Presentations: If you don’t know these points you will lose big time.

Your Story: Learn how to create your own story to connect the Prospect emotionally.

The Million Dollar tip to be a rockstar Presenter: Just 1 tip to follow and you will be a rockstar presenter.

Closing Formula: 8 step formula to make anyone join.

Fear of Loss: Make your prospects say Yes immediately.

Follow up: Step-by-step process to make a prospect join after the presentation.

Follow up through Whatsapp: Learn how to follow up with the prospects for maximum joining.

Objection Handling: Exact answer to all the objections and 3 formula to handle any objection.

Get attention: How a lot of people can know you in a very short time.

How to train people: 5 step process to train an Amateur into a dynamic Leader.

Developing Customers: A simple Secret to get a lot of Customers.

Building Momentum

The first 30 Days: 6 steps to get a new person started with 10 step checklist for success.

Gamify your Business: 2 simple steps to Makes Network Marketing a game to play.

A fine line: Understanding how to jump from failure to Success.

Rebuilding your team and even better: How to rebuild your organisation and also identify Points, Faces and Lines.

One Presentation Strategy: To build the momentum in just 30 days follow the strategy.

The Winner’s edge: The compounded growth formula.

The snowball effect: 1 year with this strategy and you’ll set your business expanding continuously.

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel: 3 mistakes that kills your business.

Habit formation: 6 most important habits to form to be successful in network marketing.


Finding Prospects and making them leaders: 7 steps to create leaders in your teams.

Leadership is taken: 5 responsibilities as a leader to grow your business.

Learn to give Credits: When and How to give credits and what not to do.

Monitor your Mentor: Sky Rocket your Business with these strategies.

People Do what you do, Not what you say: Understanding How duplication actually works.

Retention: How to retain the distributors.

Actions Plans

The 90 days action plan to be a Millionaire: This is the best tested and proven action plan and make anyone a millionaire in Network Marketing in 90 days.

Fire in the Downlines Strategy: The best strategy to achieve any target with your team.

How to be a top earner in your company in just 1 years: 12months exact step-by-step formula to out beat anyone in your company.

Developing Monster Recruiters in your Team actions plan: This will 10x your sale guarantees.

Daily Action Plan: How to build a daily action plan to succeed.

The team planning strategy: Don’t start your month without this strategy.

Simple technique to go online: How to recruit and train people from your work.

The process of Manifestation: Understand the process of achieve anything you want.

Taking your whole team digital: How to make your each distributor an online brand to 10x your recruitment.

Your level: Raising your level and your level of life.

Deserve it factor: Understanding the process of getting what you want.

Time Compression: 5 steps formula to compress time and achieve your results.

Parkinson’s Law: know how to achieve your goal before the deadline.

The Principle of Network Marketing: To achieve success the fastest way, learn this principle immediately.

The Cutting Edge

A must weekly activity: This is the most Crucial activity to sustain your Business.

New people orientation: 9 things a new distributor must do before they start.

Product Trainings: 5 must train people on in product training with scare-aware-share formula.

The only things can make you super rich: The greatest secret of success in Network Marketing.

How to make people join instantly: Learn to go 3 level down and people will join instantly.

4 ways to add value: Know the 4 ways to add value to anything you do.

The Biggest Secret: Know this and Bang on in Network Marketing.

What you Will get?

100 days of Online training: You will get an online course of 100+ training video sessions to learn everything it takes to be a top earner in your company. Additional videos on how to recruit people online.

Bang on Network Marketing (2.0 version): Bang on Network Marketing Version 2.0 top secret training program.

WorkBook: A workbook to do it yourself! Action plans to work on and question to answer to deepen your understanding & preparing the warrior inside you for the real battle on the field.

Certificate: Bang on Network Marketing course will make you a Master of Network Marketing when you implement what you learn. You’ll received a Certificate signed by PRT.

Get a chance to meet PRT: You can be a lucky one to get a chance to meet PRT and also win special merchandise. They make sure you get a free seminar ticket as you will be their privileged member.

1 year Prime access: You will get the access to watch the Videos any time anywhere and also access the worksheets and Ebook for complete 1 year.

Get featured on Social Media: You can get a chance to upload your videos with your Personal message to showcase yourself and Your experience with this course on their social media Platforms.

I’ve given the full details of this course. By now you’ve understood how this course will bring a drastic change in your Mlm business. Investment is always there if you want to get a higher in return. You’ll get the best return you’ll never imagine.

Frequently Ask Questions

Who can do this course?

If you want to become a Millionaire in Network Marketing as well as the people who want to work or know more about Network Marketing, about how to grow their business, how to recruit more people and how to achieve targets, this Bang on Network Marketing is a must course.

Will this course help me in other areas of life except Network Marketing?

Yes Definitely, As this Bang on Network Marketing course trains on the fundamental success that works everywhere. The entire focus in this Bang on Network Marketing course is that you become something! However, the people in any sales and marketing will get the exceptional growth.

What all you get in this course?

You get access to 80+ training video session that you can watch on your Mobile, Tablet or Computer + you get a training E-book for deeper understanding + You get workbook to do it yourself + You receive a certificate signed by PRT. Additional to all this, You will get a chance to Meet PRT live and ask your questions.

How I will be delivered the course?

As you pay for the course within 24 hours, you will receive an email with your unique, username & password to login to our portal. You will be able to watch all the videos, read the whole book Bang on Network Marketing and download the worksheets.

Till when I get 80% off?

Bang on Network Marketing course price can Increase anytime. Now they are offering discounts so that a lot of people can get to know about this course and they start to promote it through word of mouth. As soon as more and more people will join the course, the price will increase accordingly.

You are only one step behind to become Top earner of your company, a dynamic Leader and your team inspiration. Take this Bang on Network Marketing course now, learn it and applied it. Soon you will get 1000% return of your investment.

Bang on Network Marketing Course Magic

Bang on Network Marketing is a miracle for those who had accepted and used in their business. Bang on Network Marketing has help 1000+ networkers to grow their business. From everywhere people learning and getting tremendous benefit. There are so many networkers have shared their experienced with this course.

Some has shared on Quora You can check their some has shared on YouTube and different platform. I’ve share a YouTube link where many networkers has share their experience check it out.

After watching these videos, you’ve understood how powerful this Bang on Network Marketing is. So people from student to average networker has growth their business with the help of this course. Take this Bang on Network Marketing course now and grow your business to next levels.

Best Mlm Company

There are many mlm company which is growing. There are many foreign and Indian company ruling in the market. Such old company are Forever living, Harbour Life, Amway, Oriflame and many more.

I’m also a networker and after doing complete research I choose one Indian company. This is my thought based on research your choice may different.

Today I’ll give a short detail of Company which I’ve been working .

Vestige Marketing

Vestige is an Indian direct selling company started in 2nd June 2004, New Delhi. Started with 2 product, 2 office and 6 distributor. Now recently on yearly accounting Vestige is India no 1 and world 30 best company.

FB IMG 15837839806202555 min 1 - Bang On Network Marketing 2.0 Version Review- Buy Now Course

Vestige has a turnover of 3000 crore+ with more than 45branch office, 3000+ DCC, 200+7.DLCP. Vestige has a good training over product, System, Network business, etc.

Vestige has opened it office in many foreign countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Srilanka and many more to name and it’s increasing every month.

Vestige provide 7 types of income

  • Saving on Consumption 10-20%
  • Accumulative Performance Bonus 5-20%
  • Director Bonus 14%
  • Leadership Overriding Bonus 15%
  • Travel fund 3%
  • Car fund 5%
  • House fund 3%

Vestige has an excellent quality product which you use from morning to night. It’s affordable, returnable, 100% warranty. Vestige slogan “Change your shop, Change your life”.

From rag to rich - Bang On Network Marketing 2.0 Version Review- Buy Now Course
Rags to Rich

In Vestige people are changing their life within 3-5 years and enjoy the rest of their life. Leaders are earning over 1 crore+ and student also earning 1lakh+. There is no limit you can earn more.

Debajit sir - Bang On Network Marketing 2.0 Version Review- Buy Now Course
Mr Debajit Sir One of the Best Leader and most humble person. The best leader everyone wish. Get a chance to work under his mentor for sure shot success.

At the end I just want to say Network marketing is a good carrier which ever company you choose. In, this article I’ve given short and important detail about. You can check here full details about Vestige.

Buyer’s Guide

This course is a game changer. Once you understand the value of this, then will rock your business. As skills pay bills, so without skills you can’t last in any field.

People fail in this business because of no such skills. This business also need skills to grow. Eric Worre, the USA network marketing legend has said there are 7 skills you need to become a pro.

Eric Worre 7Skills - Bang On Network Marketing 2.0 Version Review- Buy Now Course
  • Finding Prospecting
  • Inviting
  • Follow up
  • Closing
  • Getting people started
  • Promoting Events

According to him, these are the skills you need in mlm. Every top earner invest their money in education, training, skills and then they earn. As per survey unskill people take upto six times longer to perform the same task whereas skill people take just one.

This business is life changing. Play big and be the best leader among your company. Follow the guide below to buy this course.Go through this link Buy now this course.

Pay the money online through debit card, credit card, net banking, etc.

Account transfer: transfer money to their bank account through Neft or Imps.

You can also pay Cash through Yes Bank.

Go to this link you’ll get their account number, helpline number and extra features.

There is an old saying “you’ll get up to 200 times in return of your investment”. This course fee is nothing in return for what you learn and earn. Play big and be the dynamic Leader.

Inspiration Quotes

Robert Kiyosaki

“The richest people in the world build networks; everyone else is trained to look for work”.

Amit Kalantri

“Networking isn’t how many people you know, it’s how many people know you”.

Olawale Daniel

“Many people sees Network Marketing opportunity as a trap but they fail to realize that TRAP simply mean Take Risk and Prosper”.

Germany Kent

“If you are on social media, and you are not learning, not laughing, not being inspired or not networking, then you are using it wrong”.

Kevin J. Donaldson

What’s the best home-based business opportunity in the world today? Without a doubt, it’s network marketing. Like it or hate it, network marketing has created more millionaires than any other industry in history. There’s just one problem — it can be hard if you’re not used to it!

Bill Gates

“If I would be given a chance to start all over again, I would choose Network Marketing”.

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Thank you for reading the article. If you want to make a start in Network Marketing and want to associate with our team, just send your information in Contact page we will contact you. I hope this article help you. Any tip, Suggestion you can share in the comment section.


Owner of has 5 years of digital marketing experiences. He specialist in Google SEO, Optimization of Google My Business, Blogging, local search engine SEO, Social Media marketing, help local & national business successful online presence. And grow their business to boom, and get more visibility over search engine and get more customers. Debajit holds a master of Digital Marketing. His organisation smartearning and Best Digital India helps many business to grow exponentially to a higher levels and increase their sales . He is one of the best blogger as Assam India. Contributing guest blogs to many sites Moz, Medium, SCORE. You can reach him at or 970-637-4069

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