Why Siteground Hosting is the Best web hosting 2020

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Siteground Best Review in 2020– Best web Hosting 2020

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The time has change totally where online work replace traditional work. Every single day people earn huge amount from online. In coming future time everywork are to be done through online. Best part you can also start online business and earn huge amount. For earning online you have to create a blog or website first. For creating a blog today you should have a best web hosting 2020 service.

It is very easy to start online business with less investment. You need a good and trusted hosting company to host and secure your online business. There are lot of hosting company which is available in online, You may have confuse which to decide.

I’m here to help you to get the best web hosting 2020 company for your online business. I’ve choose to review this hosting site which I personally use ,So all the information are based on which I experienced. I have used best web hosting 2020 for my Blog/Website and I am going to share my experience with people who are searching for best web hosting 2020.

About Siteground Company

Siteground is a online hosting International company found in 2004 Bulgaria. The CEO of the company is Tenko Nikolov. Siteground offer multiple service like Shared hosting, Reseller package, Enterprise hosting ,Cloud hosting, WordPress hosting and Woo Commerce hosting.

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CEO of Siteground Tenko Nikolov 
Photo courtesy to siteground

Siteground company has a data centre in three continent Asia, Europe and North America which allows the users to use all over globally. It has four head office in Usa, Uk, Bulgaria and Spain. It’s headquarters is situated in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Siteground has a employess over 500 . There are employs who has work for Siteground more than 10 years which include Top executives. Siteground has a client over 2000000(2 million) domain owner, Top Class company and many other server.

Siteground work from it’s core and always deliver more than expected . Some of their principle

  • They care their Client, Colleagues and Industry
  • They are Driven by Curiosity, Passion and making impact
  • They beleive in using new technologies to overcome challenge and raise the bar.
  • They invest in their team and prepare a well train employ.

These are the information about Siteground now let’s go in detail in it’s depth.

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Siteground Overview

Siteground is a best web hosting 2020 company which is trusted by many top international company all over the globe. It’s has achieve the best result through their service and support. Let’s see below the points to know more about Siteground

  • Siteground has data centre in three continent in Asia, Europe and North America. It’s headquarter situated in Sofia Bulgaria, Apart from it they have three head office in USA, UK and Spain.
  • Siteground has over 2 million+ domain owner over the global. Now it is the best web hosting 2020.
  • Siteground offer multiple service which include Cloud hosting, Reseller package, WordPress hosting, Share hosting, Enterprise hosting and Woo commerce hosting.
  • Siteground have extraordinary team they invest in their employ and train them well. They have over 500+ employ from last ten year.
  • Siteground offer your online business website fast and secure hosting it’s has average uptime of 99.99%.
  • WordPress.org has officially recommended Siteground. WordPress is a largest online website creator.
  • Siteground offer free SSL certificate, Cloudfare CDN , Free Data backup, Free email account, Free migration of website and 1 click WordPress plugin.

Siteground is a trusted best web hosting 2020 company. As, you’ve seen Siteground in depth overview which they have achieve over years through their genuine service and excellent team work. Let’s look over Siteground service in detail.

Siteground Service

Siteground has offer multiple service for their client where a beginner can start their business, where a large growing enterprise also increase their business through Siteground service. Now let’s look in detail all the service of Siteground.

Reseller Package

Siteground has offer a unique reseller plan for their client to create multiple site and easily manage them who want to host website as for their primary business. Those who want to host as an extra also can take advantage of reseller package. Siteground’s reseller package offer good discount on bulk hosting domain name and their other service.

Shared Hosting

Siteground shared hosting host small ,medium and big website for their client. They have three different hosting plan which start with Cheap to high. Siteground offer good service and support to their clients website in their hosting plan. It is affordable plan, easy to setup and provide 24/7 support system to your website.

WordPress Hosting

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This hosting plan is a wordpress optimized version to improve performance of your website. The hosting plan is also same to shared hosting plan. You can easily set up your hosting and create wordpress website. It will boost your website performance and provide you good support to grow your business. Siteground has the best wordpress hosting 2020.

They offer you free theme and plugin and 1 click wordpress tool to setup and run your website. They will secure your website from hacker, malware threat and other attack. They’ll provide you Sp optimzer plugin once you install and set up your wordpress website to increase your SEO performance.

Enterprising Hosting

This hosting plan is for large growing business and high traffic site with challenging server requirement. This plan is good for those who have e-commerce store, dropshipping product. Stay in touch with Siteground team they’ll help you with their tailor made plan to suit your needs.

Woo Commerce

This best web hosting 2020 plan help you to make it easy for you to create a beautiful Woo commerce store with Siteground. You can bring all your different e-commerce product , drop shipping product , digital product to sell online. This plan is for both new and existing stores. It’s also has same hosting plan.

Cloud Hosting

This best web hosting 2020 plan is especially for big growing business/website which has high quality traffic monthly which require large space to manage and run their website. It’s just an upgrade of shared hosting. In this hosting plan you’re allow to use resource of multiple servers on a cloud architecture to grow your popular blog, websites or online business.

Once the website start growing everyone one need cloud hosting for more space and handle more traffic. The plan for cloud hosting is different from share hosting. It offer four different plan. Let’s check it.

Cloud Hosting plan and Features – Best web hosting 2020

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Image courtesy to siteground


This is an easy start plan

• $80.00/mo

• 2 CP cores

• 4Gb Memory

• 40 Gb SSD Space

• 5TB Data Transfer

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Image courtesy to siteground


It’s an optimal Cloud experience

• $120.00/mo

• 3 CPU Cores

• 6 Gb Memory

• 60 gb SSD Space

• 5TB Data transfer

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Image courtesy to siteground

Business Plus

Advanced performance

• $160.00/mo

• 4 CPU Cores

• 8Gb SSD space

• 5 TB Data Transfer

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Image courtesy to siteground

Super Power

It’s premium server power

• $240.00/mo

• 10 Gb memory

• 120 Gb SSD Space

• 5 Tb data transfer.

This are the details of Cloud hosting plan. Acording to your website traffic and space needed you can choose a plan.

Siteground Hosting plan and its features – Best Web Hosting 2020

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Image courtesy to siteground

Siteground offer three different plan for their client. They’re are StartUp, GrowBig and Go Geek. They all have same service and support just there is a little difference between premium service. Check out the detail of this plan it’s features, Performance Booster, Security Solution, Support System, E-commerce facility, features for agencies and Designers and Solution for Developer.

Essential FeaturesStartUpGrowBigGoGeek
Monthly Visitor10000250001,00,000
Space10 gb20gb40gb
Renewal fee$11.95$19.95/mo$34.95/mo
Data transferunmeteredUnmeteredUnmetered
Free email AcYesYesYes
Free Drag& Drog Weebly SitebuilderYesYesYes
Free CMS InstallYesYesYes
Unlimited My SQL DBYesYesYes
Unlimited Sub and Parked DomainYesYesYes
Friendly Site ToolsYesYesYes
30 day’s money BackYesYesYes
Performance BoosterStartupGrowBigGoGeek
Server on 3 continentsYesYesYes
SSD StorageYesYesYes
Customized Server SetupYesYesYes
Free CDN with Each accountYesYesYes
HTTP/2enable ServersYesYesYes
Supercachespremium (level1 only)All 3levelAll 3 level
Security SolutionsStartUpGrowBigGoGeek
Power RedundancyYesYesYes
LXC-based StabilityYesYesYes
Unique Account IsolationYesYesYes
Fastest Server MonitoringYesYesYes
Anti-Hack Systems& HelpYesYesYes
Proactive Updates and PatchesYesYesYes
Spam ProtectionYesYesYes
Automated Daily BackupYesYesYes
Advanced on Demand Backup PremiumPremiumYesYes
24/7 amazingly fast supportYesYesYes
Help via phone , chat&ticketYesYesYes
Site transferPremium (1)YesYes
Advanced priority supportPremiumPremiumYes
Free shoppin cart installYesYesYes
Free let’s Encrypt SSL certificatesYesYesYes
Features for agencies and DesignerStartUpGrowBigGoGeek
Ship site to clientsYesYesYes
Collaboration can be addedPremiumYesYes
White label hosting &client managementPremiumPremiumYes
Solutions for serverStartUpGrowBigGoGeek
Default PHP version managed by (7.1)YesYesYes
Custom PHP versions 7.4,7.3,7.2,7.1,7.0,&5.6YesYesYes
Free SSH and SFTP accessYesYesYes
My SQL&Postgre SQL DatabaseYesYesYes
FTP AccountsYesYesYes
Many more technologies SupportedYesYesYes
Pre-installed GitPremiumPremiumYes

I’ve given you all the true information in which plan what you get. So, By now you’ve understand What you’re looking for your website and which plan suit your need.

Siteground Pros and Cons

Every Industry has it’s own Pros and Cons. There are some Pros which make your work easy and some cons which doesn’t suit your suit. Before taking decision you must know it’s prime Pros and Cons.


Fast and Secure

Siteground offer you a performance of uptime 99.99% it’s an average from last 24 month. It has made siteground best web hosting 2020. Its website speed is less than 3 sec which is excellent. According to research 53% will leave your website if it’s load time is 10sec or above. You can see below the image of Siteground uptime performace of last 24 months.

IMG 20200507 215026 min - Why Siteground Hosting is the Best web hosting 2020

Siteground also offer you a secure website. Their service provide your website secure from online hacker, malware, threats and from many other issue which will make your website down. So, You need speed and security for your website. It’s a primary factor for every website owner.

IMG 20200507 220742 min - Why Siteground Hosting is the Best web hosting 2020
IMG 20200507 220717 min - Why Siteground Hosting is the Best web hosting 2020

Good Customer Support

Siteground is famous for it’s 24/7 support system. Your website may face issue at any time in this case you can ask help and support from Siteground team. They are available 24/7 which is outstanding they help you through 24/7 live chat, phone, email and from their server.

Siteground team has professionally train for their work. They have extraordinary team. You do not need to worry for your website. They’re available 24hours to support you.

Free SSL Certificate

SSL certificate is important for your website to rank no 1 in Google. Once your rank no 1 you’ll get high traffic, high conversion which led to high revenue. This SSL certificate shows your website is secure and your visitors can trust your website.

Alll Features Available

Siteground has offer all their features from beginner to advanced in their hosting plan. If you’re beginner it’s easy for you to start even If you’ve lot of experience and need high features for your website you can easily get in Siteground hosting plan. This is a very good option for all the users.

30 days money back guarentee

Siteground has a option of money return policy. If you don’t like it service or features or face any issue you can cancel your subscription and get your money back. This option is available for 30 days once you have purchased. They provide genuine service and want their user to trust them and build a good relation.

Easy Sites Management

It’s very easy to setup your website from Siteground hosting. Once you buy hosting plan you can install wordpress or other platform and easily setup with few min. Those who are begineer don’t know to set up there is link you can check out the video. Go below the link you’ll find in details.


Extra Free Services

Siteground offer you extra service along with their hosting plan. They offer you free Cloudfare CDN ( content delivery network) , Daily Backup, SSH access, free one migration and 1click wordpress plugin. With all this free service your website can run smoothly and fast.

Email Service

Siteground has offer free email accounts for your service. You can create up to 20+ email accounts for your blog, business ,website, personally this will help you to get in touch with your client, visitor .

You’ve seen the Pros of Siteground they’ve offer an amazing service for you. From beginner to advance there are lots of good features in very affordable price. It’s an amazing offer for your website. Now let’s look over some cons.


High Renewal Rate

Siteground has offer really good features and their services in their affordable hosting plan. But they’ve increase renewal plan really high. In StartUp hosting plan $3.15/mo but renewal plan $11.95/mo , GrowBig hosting plan start $5.95/mo but renewal $19.95/mo and GoGeek plan start $11.95/mo but renewal plan $34.95/mo.

If your website is doing good and growing you can easily afford this amount for hosting in exchange of their service. Basically it’s not much higher plan if you work on your website from starting . You can earn more from your website. Invest before start earning .

Setup Cost

Siteground has a option if you pay monthly your once setup fee will be extra $14.95 which is high amount for begineer. But if you pay the fee once for yearly you will not be charge any extra amount. So, you can choose which is you can afford and easy for you .

No Free Domain Name

Some of the other hosting company offer you free domain for your website but Siteground has no option for this. You have to pay extra money for domain from your website. You can buy Domain from Siteground or from other hosting company and setup easily.

Limited Site Migration

There is a limited option for free Site migration . You can only migrate one website for free. You have to buy premium features for Site migrations. This is a disadvantage for Siteground user.

There are some pros and cons which I’ve covered in full details.

Do We Recommend Siteground??

Yes, We highly recommend for you to go for Siteground hosting. Siteground is the best web hosting 2020. I’ve Personally using Siteground for our two websites. It’s services are so excellent. It’s important for your website to perform Speed and fast page load to grow your website. Siteground provide you that speed and good performance.

According to research from top IT industry one single second can cause 7% decrease in conversion for your website, 11% fewer page views in your website and 16% Decrease in customer satisfaction which is biggest problem.

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WordPress. Org has also recommend Siteground as best web hosting 2020. You can create a Beautiful website with the help of wordpress and Siteground Hosting. You’ll be eligible for free SSL certificates, Cloudfare CDN(content delivery network), Data Backup and Restore, SSH access, Free email account, Large Space for your files, images etc, free one website migration and 1 click Wordspress plugin.

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Image courtesy to siteground

If you’re serious to earn money online and free from 9-5 job and boss order start now your website for your Blogs, Business , e-commerce ,Online service and training etc. you get Siteground best web hosting 2020

Buyers Guide

I would like to say thank you for reading full article. I hope you’ve got idea by now to choose Siteground or not. I would also like to Congrajulate from my heart to those who are future successful person who have decided to take action now. By taking action you’ve decided to separate from Crowd and build your own brand.

I’ve help you to know about Siteground in deepth it’s pros & cons and many more. Now those who are dedicated and big dreamer decided to take action but don’t know what to do next, how to purchase hosting plan and how to create website and set up with hosting. Don’t worry I’ll provide you full detail.

You can visit https://www.siteground.com/ you’ll find lot of ebook and tutioral video . Some of the ebook and tutorial are

  • WordPress Optimization
  • WordPress Security
  • Woo Commerce Ebook
  • Small Business guide
  • Using WordPress Rest API
  • Holiday Marketing Guide
  • Knowledge base
  • WordPress Tutorial Joomla Tutorial
  • Magento Tutorial
  • Geek 2 english Podcast

Apart from these they post valuable and knowldge tools, update new service and blogs. Get in touch to learn more with Siteground.


We are in the last part of this article. I’ve given you all the information, Services, Tools and their indeepth details. If you have miss some important information or you’re sort of time I’ve make it easy. I’ve written all the important note into small point check below.

  • Siteground started in 2004 Bulgaria.
  • Profressional train team .
  • They have a team of more than 500.
  • They have data centre in three continent North America, Asia and Europe.
  • Four Headoffice in Usa, Spain, Uk and Bulgaria.
  • Trusted by 2,00,000+ Domain owners.
  • Officially Recommend by WordPress. Org.
  • They offer multiple service Shared hosting, Reseller package, Cloud hosting, Enterprise hosting, WordPress hosting and Woo commerce hosting.
  • They offer three share hosting plan StartUp, GrowBig and GrowGeek.
  • Pricing start $3.15/mo for StartUp, $5.95/mo for GrowBig and $11.95/mo for GoGeek.
  • Renewal plan $11.95 /mo for StarUp, $19.95/ mo for GrowBig and $34.95/mo for GoGeek.
  • They offer four Cloud hosting plan Entry, Business, Business plus and Superpower.
  • Their average uptime 99.99% and speed less than 3sec.
  • Free SSL certificate, One migration Website, Cloudfare CDN, Free Email account ,Daily Backup, SSH access and 1click wordpress plugin.
  • They provide 24/7 support via phone, live chat, and ticket.
  • 30 days money back guarentee.
  • Set up for monthly Billing $14.95 for one time and Free for yearly billing.
  • Easy setup, Top notch security, ultra fast sites and Reliable email services.

I’ve given all the important point of this article if you have missed any check again and If you want to read in short it’s helpful for you. At the end take action and build own brand. Get best web hosting 2020 service.

I hope I provide you value in exchange of your valuable time.

  • How was the article??
  • What you like most about Siteground??
  • Do you think Siteground is the best web hosting 2020 ?

Give me your answer in comment section let me know how much you have got information from this article. Till that stay in connect with us . I’ll be back with new content to help you all .

Get Siteground Hosting Now………

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