How to earn money online as a beginner in 2020

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The revolution has change entirely. Once there was a time when people send a letter through the post office and it took time to reach a message. But now the time has change totally many technologies has develop and every work are shifting from traditional to online. Today I’ll share how to earn money online as a beginner.

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Yes, online has got so much power. People are earning money from online in a handsome amount. Yes, don’t be surprise online has taken place. Yes, you can also earn money online as a beginner from your home.

Today I will share you simple but effective ways how you can earn money online as a beginner. There are many ways to earn money which require skills, experience and knowledge. So, I won’t tell you advance level, In this article I’ll share you simple ways which you can start immediately and earn money online as a beginner.

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First, let’s check the power of online and step-by-step method on how to start and keep growing. There are also many educations and knowledge you’ll find but here I’ll share you only which you can start as a beginner.

Power Of Internet

Internet has  changed the game totally. In day-to-day life, people are more busy in an online world rather than reality. There are more than 7+billions people in this world, where almost 4.57 billion people using internet. Over 59% of Global population are on online. Countries like China, India and Us has lead the rank ahead other countries in a term of internet user.

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As per 2018, Asia was the region with the largest number of Online user over 2billion+. Europe has to stand on second with 705million+. This record shows how fast internet user is increasing. Before it was 2g now technology has reach 4g and soon 5g will also come in market.

According to Statista there are 4.57billion+ active internet user. Unique mobile internet users has 4.2billion+, Over 3.81billion+ active Social media user and 3.76 billion active mobile social media users.

Let’s check about Indian People. There are over 560 millions of internet users in India just behind China. By 2023, India will have 650 million internet users in both urban and rural areas. Men are high user according to women in both urban and rural. There is lower user in older adult age because of internet literacy and technical knowhow.

Internet User Report

YearsUsers (In million)
2015259.88 million
2016295.39 million
2017437.4 million
2018480 million
2019525.3 million
2020564.5 million
2021601 million
2022634.9 million
2023666.4 million

According to Statista

As per internet users are increasing day by day because of modern world. So, in coming future there will be rapid growth in internet user.

Now if we talk about age group users, then between 20-39 years there are 54% user in early 2019. 14% users between 12-15 years. In 2016 there are 70% male internet users and 30% female users. By 2020 there will 60% male user and 40% female user. See below age group internet users.

12-15 years14%
16-19 years18%
20-29 years35%
30-39 years19%
40-49 years9%
50+ years6%

According to Statista

With, these reports you’ve understood how the internet has entered our life and change the youth generation. As per latest Digital 2019 reports people spend 6 hours 42 minutes each day. In 2018 42% daily user spend 1-2 hour in India and only 3% of people spend over six hours online in that year.

With, these reports you’ve understood how big the online platform is and how much it will expand. So, take an action use the online and start earning money online as a beginner.

Create a Website (money making machine)

Website is a money-making machine. Without website, you can’t set up your online business. I’ll share with you three steps you can turn immediately to earn money. Blogging, Affiliate Marketing and YouTube. These three platform is the biggest which allow you to earn passive income and handsome amount.

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So, Website is a platform where you can share your idea, solution of people’s problem according to your favorite topic. With a website, you can run smoothly, and over the years this website will become your money machine.

If you don’t know about coding and technical staff go to WordPress, they will give you an excellent website. You need not do anything. You need basically a domain and hosting for your site.

Domain is your website name where people visit or search in URL (,

Hosting in which your article, image, files everything save and upload.

There are many hosting companies which provide hosting services in an affordable amount.

Before that let me tell there are few platforms where you can start your website like Blogger, WordPress, and many more. Apart from all these platform word press and blogger always stand head to head. Blogger is a google platform where you need not buy anything all free.

In WordPress you can start with a free plan but you can’t put ads in your website means you can’t earn money. Let’s look over paid hosting vs free hosting.

Free hosting vs Paid Hosting

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  • Control : Blogger is a free platform from Google where you can start writing article but you can’t have authority over it. It’s a google property so google have the command. In Paid hosting WordPress website you have fully controlled.
  • Professionalism : In free version your site doesn’t look professional in which people don’t trust easily, which led to less traffic and less income. In word press you’ll make your word press own and it look professional which easily gain trust.
  • Support : Blogger is a free Version you don’t have such support if there is any issue in your website. In WordPress you’ll have full support as it’s a paid version and within minutes they will solve your problem.
  • Speed: Speed is the game changer. Without speed you can’t grow. Blogger is a free version you won’t have such speed. In WordPress you’ll buy hosting from reputed company which give top speed your website.
  • Limited: There is a limited resource in blogger as compare to word press. Blogger don’t offer you unlimited template, resource, space. In WordPress there are unlimited resource you can use to grow.

There are many benefits of getting paid version. There is nothing free in these worlds. Free version gives you a temporary service, but if you’re truly committed to earn money from online, then paid version is best. There is an affordable plan which you can use as a beginner.

Best Hosting Service

Hosting service play a very significant part to grow your website. You require a hosting service if you wish to work seriously and earn money online in a handsome amount in return of your hard work. There are many best hosting services in online.

You’ll get top reputed hosting service with a million of users in online. They have owned some pros and cons. Like Go daddy, SiteGround, Bluehosts, HostGator and many more to mention.

I’ll recommend you to go Siteground because I use in my website. Siteground has all the features and quality you require to grow. Top digital marketer also recommend Siteground. It is an affordable for beginner also and later you become pro, then you can even upgrade your plan.

general EN USD general hosting square light - How to earn money online as a beginner in 2020
Siteground best hosting ompany

I’ve previously written a review on  SiteGround with a lot of research and from my experience. This is the best Hosting company with top quality services. Check here for the review and you’ll get all the guide how to buy SiteGround hosting plan and how to set up.

How to buy the Siteground hosting and set up your website ready.

Why Website is Significant?

Website is very significant without website you can’t successfully run a business. Website is a place where you put content to people solution in your favorite topic. The more people find helpful in your content, more like your traffic increase. This will let you earn money from online as a beginner and later help you into a brand.

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  • High conversion: 93% of people take a decision with a search engine. First user search in google and learn the complete details snd features of particular. Services or product and then they buy. So, when you rank your website they directly come to your website and if your article helpful they likely to purchase it.
  • Easy to set up: With no coding knowledge with the help of WordPress you can create a beautiful and professional website. It’s very easy to set up and run.
  • Low Budget: You can start with a low budget, no enormous amount require initially. The more you learn, the more you earn and you’ll get more knowledge.So, with a small budget start and once you grow increase your budget.
  • Increase Brand: People will know you once you rank on google. They’ll find your article helpful and probably like to follow you in social media. This Will increase your brand value.
  • Increase Trust. Google is the biggest platforms. It’s a trusted company. So google will introspect everything about your article, your website and all your activity. Once all is fine they’ll approve this way user will trust you.
  • Passive income: You need not work 24/7 to earn money. As compare to traditional work. In online, once you put google ads, your affiliate link it will run 24 hours. People anytime will visit and if they purchase or click in your ads, you’ll earn a commission. So, this is a passive source of income.

I’ve cover only a few and important points. As your website will boost your business grow. So, have a website with paid hosting plan (already recommend hosting company) and work. You may not find result soon but in future it will give you 100x return.

Blogging Make money with passion

What is Blog?

Blog means writing an article regularly on a particular topic by individual, group and organization. You can choose any topic according to your interest or you can also search for the topic you need. If you choose about health, write article only on health and solve the problem people have over their health. Choose an evergreen topic than season based.

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A blog is personal log on the web which you update post/ article regularly on solving people’s problem or sharing your knowledge. Anyone with a blog can make money online as a beginner or pro. If you have a blog and you want it to generate some extra income for your home, I will give you some tips in this post.

I understand some people are blogging full time. That means their blogging activities generate enough income to keep them going. Maybe you are wondering if that’s possible. Yes it is,  blogging is a lucrative income generating business and many are getting into it actively.

But you need not active all the time to make something reasonable from your blog. It can be an awesome source of passive income if you’re following simple steps that work.

One of the most beautiful things about blogging is that you can blog just about anything. If you are a professional in any industry, all you need is basic knowledge to set up your blog and start writing about the things you already do:

Are you a lawyer, pilot, nurse, real estate agent, housewife, driver, technician, teacher, etc.? You can add a bit of extra activities to your regular day and see some additional income flow.

And how much passive income are you able to generate from your blog?

Anything from $0 to $10,000/per month and even more. Mostly, the more time you give to it, the more your income. Here, I’ll share you step-by-step method how to star blog.

Start blog step by step

As I’ve already told you about website, domain and hosting. I’ve given the video how you can set up your website and get ready. Now according to your niche write content.

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Step to follow.

  • Research the topic with free keyword searching tool.
  • Search your competition blog and write down all the list.
  • Cover all the important details in one article.
  • Use images, Videos, link and other resource.
  • Add category, tags, meta description of details.

Follow the step above whenever you are writing content. Remember some points.

  • Don’t go for quantity over quality. Include all the details and information in one article and make a good quality content.
  • Don’t write in a small article, better write all the details and make a lengthy article (4000-6000 words).
  • Write regularly, make a schedule and don’t break the schedule later.
  • Don’t copy other article, images. Write an article by own or you pay other to write for you. There is a lot of free images site for images.

These are the point you need to remember. Now let’s see the types of content.

Types of Content

  • List Post: 101 ways to Boost your stamina.
  • Tutorials Post: How to set up word press full tutorial.
  • Product Review: Best Hosting company full review.
  • Comparison vs Content: Virat Kohli vs MS Dhoni income.
  • Frequently Ask Questions: Start your online business in low cost? All your startup questions answer here.
  • News Jacking: Trending content, Celebrity Hijacking.
  • Resources Page link list: 51 profitable topic for your blog.
  • Round on Post (Expert Advice Compilation): 10 tips to grow your blog from top digital marketers.
  • Interview and  Case Studies: Story of a big dreamer wonder boy, Interview of no 1 blogger.
  • Opinions (on industry news): Reason why I use SiteGround hosting service and you should also use.

These are the top content with most views and share. According to your niche, you can also make content like this and start earning money online as a beginner. So, by now I hope you got an idea how to start a blog and how to run.

Keyword Research Tool

  • Answer the public
  • Youtube
  • Keyword everywhere
  • Pinterest
  • Ubber suggest
  • Kw Finder
  • Word Tracker
  • Keyword tool
  • Soovle
  • Insta Keywords
  • Keyword Tool Dominator
  • Keysearch
  • Sem Rush
  • Ahrefs
  • Keyword planner

These are the keyword tool with free and paid version. You can use this keyword to search your competition and your content keyword.

Content Research

As a beginner you might not understand at once, but you’ll learn more when you implement. I’ll share you some platform for your better content Research.

  • Pinterest
  • Magazines (
  • Reddit
  • Book
  • Udemy
  • Quora
  • Youtube
  • Buzzsumo
  • Forums
  • Competitor Analysis

These are the platform it will help you understand more about content. Give a try. Now let’s look how you can earn money online as a beginner and the strategy you can use.

Make money from Blog

As I already told you, your website is a money-making machine. Just give your time and dedication it will serve you a lifetime. There are proven ways how to make money from website/blog.

IMG 20200531 101717 min - How to earn money online as a beginner in 2020
  • Sponsored Content
  • Freelancing
  • Social Media Influencer
  • Selling Online Course
  • Adsense
  • Podcast Sponsorships
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Physical Product and software tools.
  • Business Relationship

These are some of proven ways of earning. As now I’ll not discuss all this because this are all advance level. Once you learn more and keep growing you’ll be able to understand it.

Let’s focus now on Adsense and next part I’ll be talking about Affiliate programme.

There are a different  type of ads you can connect with them. I’ll talk about Google adsense which is trusted and very easy. Write 10 original and quality article and apply for google adsense.

Once you apply under 2 days you’ll receive email they will tell you, your ads has approved. After approving you can put ads this is for one time only after that in your every article ads will run 24/7. Once it set after half hour ads will visible.

There will be auto ads in your theme options or you can use word press plugin (Add ne). Don’t worry, it’s easy you’ll get a lot of video on this topic in online. Ads is so powerful you can more money. Ads click depend on your quality content, traffic and website niche.

There are people who earn $10000+ or more than that. Just focus on your article and quality content. Focus to rank on #1 in google after that you’ll get organic quality traffic.

Important Rules of Ads.

  • Don’t click by yourself.
  • Don’t force others to click on ads.
  • Clicks should be natural, it means any user visit your article and if they like they’ll click on ads.
  • Don’t use any software or purchase to increase your ads clicks. It will let your Adsense account will block and your hard work will be gone.
  • Read the guideline of google adsense and follow it.

These are rules you need to remember. So, by now you’ve learned online power, creating a website and why website is important, you learn about Domain and Hosting. You’ve learned about Blog and how to start it. Whatever I’ve share it is friendly for begineer.

Tips to grow your Blog

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  • Invest money to get the right blogging tools: Buy premium web hosting, buy premium blog templates, plugins, computer equipment, etc.
  • Train yourself to blog professionally: Enroll in training programs to develop your blogging skills, buy the right books and read relevant materials, attend offline blogging events, etc. If you’re serious and want to make million of money from online then you can take this course Fastrack Millionaire from pushkar raj thakur. In this course you can earn money online as a beginner also. All the advance knowledge has given in the course.
  • Dedicate time to blog: While you blog passively, give it regular time to do the things it requires.
  • Promote your blog: There are many ways to do this. We will touch some points below.
  • Connect with like-minded content creators: There is no successful business without profitable partnerships. You cannot succeed as an Island. You must collaborate with other businesses in many areas to succeed.
  • Create Problem solving content: Many people are out on the net seeking for solutions to different types of worries. If your blog provides answers, then it will attract income. The more How-To content you come up with, the more solution-oriented your blog becomes.
  • Advanced your blog accurately: Not everyone who uses internet was your target. Choose your audience according to your niche topic. Be specific, accurate and focus on your targeted audience.

Affiliate Marketing road to become Millionaire

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The most effective method to Earn Money Through Affiliate Marketing. In Affiliate Marketing there are three person included.

  • Merchant is the one who have product and provide commission for there sale. Like amazon, clickbank.
  • Affiliate is the person who promote product of merchant with a unique link to social media, website.
  • Consumer are the one who buy the product according to their need.
IMG 20200531 101800 min - How to earn money online as a beginner in 2020

This is how affiliate marketing work. This is the reason why Affiliate is best as you don’t need to wait for long once consumer buy from your product link you’ll receive an instant income. With the help of affiliate programme you can earn money online as a beginner in a short period.

The best part of being affiliate marketer is you can join any merchant any network. You don’t have to create own product. There are lot of different product available in online according to your niche. Every big company has been offering an opportunity to promote their product.

As a beginner Amazon is best because you’ll find different category of product according to your niche. Amazon is a largest trusted company as people trust easily. For software product Clickbank is also best as they provide you high commission but this is advance level you need high knowledge to start.

Apart from this if you want to promote for travel package then there are traveling company has already offer a affiliate programme. Whatever your niche you’ll get Affiliate Network.

How Affiliate Marketing work full guide

Affiliate make associate connections of items and advance them on their site or blog. Each time a client purchases an item through any of these connections, the affiliate gets a commission from the general expense of the item from the Advertiser.

Partners can pick which items they need to advance. Promoters like Amazon have many items and its member program can assist you with winning up to 12% on publicizing.. Thus different stages that permit partner showcasing offer a lot of items that a member advertiser can advance.

affiliate marketing  - How to earn money online as a beginner in 2020

Start with pretty much nothing. Commonly individuals become overzealous and begin selling expensive items, trying to win more cash. It will just give you unpleasant experience so start with small ranging amount and later scale up.

Step-by-step process

Make a blogging site

Create a website with paid hosting from best hosting services. Then find a profitable niche and start writing content on it. First research well with free keyword tool and write a product review with 4000-6000 word. Write three, four quality article and then start promoting your affiliate link.

Make Videos Review

Videos review is an extraordinary method to gain more trust. You can put your videos on your blogging site or put them on YouTube. Customer will watch your videos on YouTube more than anyplace. This will gain more trust and they likely to visit your website or buy from your link.

Review of no 1 online course to become millionaire

Social Media

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Share your content review videos on different social media platform. There are many people who are actively using social media. This will help you gain more traffic and increase your sales. I’ll cover more later.

Offer inside your circle

Individuals trust the individuals they definitely know. You can use your WhatsApp gatherings and different circles to get the message out. Also, when one of your companions needs another thing and they are intending to purchase on the web, you can swing directly in and get a deal.

Paid Ad

You can use paid for more traffic and increase your sales. As a beginner you don’t have organic traffic so according to your budget give ads on different social media platform. This will help you gain high conversion.

Best Affiliate Network

There are many affiliate networks according to the niche. If you go for software product there ClickBank, Share a sale. For physical product Amazon, Flipkart, eBay. There is no limit of affiliate network.

I’ll recommend you on Amazon because it is best for a beginner to earn money online, no charge for joining, high trust, quality product, many categories are available and a good commission. There are 2.5 billion visitor per month in Amazon around the world and in India 360 million per month. So, competition is low in India.

IMG 20200531 101654 min - How to earn money online as a beginner in 2020

You can learn different affiliate network from google or other source. Here I’ll share you about Amazon.

First start with low competition, and scale it later. Choose a good profitable evergreen niche. Check the advertising fees table before deciding your niche, choose the item ranging from $50+, choose a small niche to rank the website fast (you can scale it later), you can get some niche ideas from wire cutter, eBay, etc.

IMG 20200531 101841 min - How to earn money online as a beginner in 2020
Amazon commission fees.

In Amazon if user visit your website and click on your product link within 24 hours and buy product you’ll receive. The interesting part of user click and reach amazon site and he shops and buy a few products which you didn’t share link you’ll still likely to earn. This is the beneficial part of amazon.

How to not get banned from Amazon

  • Make 3 qualifying sales within 180 days.
  • Never use product images of Amazon.
  • Do not shorten the link.
  • Do not share affiliate link with your friends and family.
  • Do not share link in a closed group or a membership portal.
  • Do not copy amazon review.
  • Do not act like an Amazon representative.
  • Do not use Amazon affiliate link in an email.
  • Do not use links in pdf or e-book.
  • Do not Quote a price.
  • Do not post links on forums.
  • Do not use a software or a Bot.
  • Do not reward the sale.

Remember these points and save your account from ban. Till now I’ve share knowledge which you can start as a beginner. I would recommend you take a course, read a blog, e-book and learn from YouTube to enhance your knowledge. Follow the above and proven step and make $1000 within 5 months.

YouTube where Star born

YouTube is the biggest platform. You can start your YouTube channel as a beginner and grow as much as you can. Over 2billion+ people actively watch YouTube per month. On an average user, spend 41min once they open YouTube.

500 F 188154513 4u64cx6chKosPF5n4l6UwlBeF5mTg2Kb min - How to earn money online as a beginner in 2020

YouTube will help your business grow, increase your brand, become a social media influencer, get fame and earn money online even as a beginner. So, YouTube is a biggest platform where there is opportunity to showcase your talent.

I won’t talk details about YouTube as you already know about it. So, as like others according to interest or profitable niche, you create a channel and upload video. You can use edit video with free copyright resource and add with your original quality.

There are unique ways of content.

  • Educational videos
  • Personal vlogs
  • Gaming video
  • Product review
  • Entertainment
  • Unboxing video
  • Reaction giving video

There are many more types of videos you can make according to your like.

Step you need to follow for YouTube Account

  1. Make sure your channel follows all policies and guidelines.  Before signing for channel read the policy and guidelines. Make sure you follow all the guideline if you breach any of guideline, then chances your account will banned.
  2. Have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 valid public watch hours.  
  3. Sign YPP terms. Once you eligible for Adsense apply for monetization. They will review and send you an email to confirm.
  4. Make sure you only have 1 AdSense account. Don’t use multiple account to earn more money as this will led your account ban. Use one account for adsense. You can create a multiple channel and use this Adsense account in the other channel too.
  5. Get reviewed. Once you sign for Adsense you account will go for review to check if you following policy. If your account accepted then ads will optimize on your video. As your account get rejected you can reapply again after 30 days.
  6. Don’t copy other video. Never make this mistake of copying other videos. Use your own original video. Using other videos led to copyright, the owner might complain your channel. So better you use your own video.

These are step you must follow. I recommend you go the official page of YouTube and read all the guideline and policy.

Make money from YouTube

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You can make money on YouTube through the following features:

  • Advertising revenue: Get ad revenue from display, overlay, and video ads.
  • Channel membership: Your members make recurring monthly payment in exchange if you offer special perks.
  • Merchandise Shelf: Your fans can browse and buy official branded merchandise that’s showcased on your watch pages.
  • Super Chat and Super stickers: Your fans pay to get their message highlighted in chat stream.
  • YouTube Premium revenue: Get part of a YouTube Premium subscriber’s subscriptions fee when they watch your content.

First focus on good content and after your ad approve you canearn money online from you tube as a beginner. Later when you learn and grow start making money from different ways.

There are many more ways to earn. But for that you need to grow your channel. By now you’ve got an idea and understood how to start. Take action and do it regularly and you’ll see the result. YouTube is also a passive source of income. Start as a beginner, and become a pro. Best of luck.

Generate Traffic Using Social Media

Once you have to create a website, choose the niche and start writing content next step is very important. Without this step you can’t succeed. So this is a very important topic. With the help of social media, get high traffic.

pexels photo 266246 min - How to earn money online as a beginner in 2020


There is hardly anyone who doesn’t know about Facebook. Facebook is a platform where you can connect people from a different part of world. You can share your photo, video, make a page, create a group. There are 2.50 billion people actively online in Facebook.

pexels photo 267371 min - How to earn money online as a beginner in 2020

So, promote your content in Facebook in pages, with your friend, group and regularly post. This will help you get traffic and increase your income.


Instagram is a photo sharing app with 1 billion monthly active user. You can use the free Instagram app to generate traffic for your niche. This is the best social media platform to grow your brand and business. With the help of instagram you can earn money online as a beginner also.

instagram  768x1024 - How to earn money online as a beginner in 2020


Twitter is a social media app where people share their thought and tweet. There are 330 million monthly active user. So, this use the right strategy to grow your business and generate traffic. You can share your content on twitter.

pexels photo 262543 min - How to earn money online as a beginner in 2020


This app is also a social media platform where people around the world share images and put their link. There are over 322 million monthly active user you can share images and put your website or content link. You can grow your business with the help of Pinterest.

pexels photo 267367 min - How to earn money online as a beginner in 2020


YouTube is the largest videos platform. People around the globe make videos from a different category and upload. There are over 2 billion active user monthly. On an average user, spend 41mins at one time on YouTube. So, make your own video and promote your content. This will help you grow fast, earn money online as a beginner.


This is a professional app where professional people create a network. Here mostly business conversation happen you can seek a job. There are CEO, Employ, Businessman everyone connect each other and work. So you can share your content to help people who are indeed. With 260 million monthly active user help your website grow.


This is a question-and-answer platform. People from a different field question and those who knows they share their answer. You can choose your own spaces in Quora and share your answer. There are over 300 million monthly active user. You can share your content to help people and put your link.

Email Marketing

This is the oldest form of digital marketing strategy, still effective now. You can give a  free gift like videos, e-book, anything to help your targeted customer. Once they like your free gift you can exchange your free gift with their link. Once you get their email, send them email regularly and build relation.

Share your link in email. This strategy help you get trust, traffic and high conversion. It’s simple and effective, you can use even you’ve just started as this strategy will help you earn money online as a beginner in a short period of time.


Tumblr is also another social media platform where people share their blogs, images, videos. There are 371 monthly visitor, over 166 billion published post and 7.2 million new blog. 46% of visitor are 18-34 age. You can share your blog here and get traffic.


If you’re not getting traffic, you can give ads. You need a budget for ads. You can put ads in Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter, etc. This will help you grow your business. This is very effective and costly as well. You get a higher return in your ad investment.

With the help of ad you can make high conversion and earn money online as a beginner in a fast period.


Seo is Search Engine Optimization it is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a webpage in a search engine’s natural or unpaid search result. There are two types of Seo on page and off page.

pexels photo 270637 min - How to earn money online as a beginner in 2020

In an  on page seo your content quality, key word, friendly urls, image, videos are included. On off page seo social networking, back link, brand building, third party content sharing, guest posting and google webmaster tool include.

There are many directories sites, image sites, social bookmarking sites where you can generate link for your articles. SEO is the key pillar behind any online business. You’ll learn more about this topic as you keep growing.

Top 10 SEO Tips

20200531 100920 0000 min 1024x1024 - How to earn money online as a beginner in 2020
  • Quality over quantity
  • Do follow backlinks>No follow back links
  • Have patience
  • On page SEO
  • Relevancy
  • Anchor texts
  • Don’t buy back links
  • Stop wasting your effort
  • Use of a good Seo tool Aherfs
  • Home page back links 20% homepage 80% article

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