Why Network Marketing is the biggest career opportunity in 2020?

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This article is for you if you are looking to make network marketing as a career. After reading this article, your all doubt and misunderstanding will be clear and easy for you to decide.

It is difficult to build a good and everlasting carrier in any field. It takes effort and hard work to build a good career. A good career means you’re successful in life.

There is one powerful industry with a mix of negative and positive opinions in the market. Yes, it is network marketing, the most controversial topic.

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This industry has produced many successful leaders and making them rich. But the hard truth a maximum number of people fail in this business.

You may have many doubts about whether you will be successful in network marketing? Whether you should take network marketing as a career or not?

I will share with you the reason, Is network marketing for you or not. I’ll provide you all the proper knowledge about network marketing.

You may hear about network marketing from your friends, family, relatives, and colleagues. There is an enormous gap between hearing from others and learning by own.

Network marketing is a professional business where successful leaders were born and become a millionaire from this business.

You may get inspire from a successful leader, and you decide to take network marketing as a career. But now you’re in doubt if this business is right for you?

Trust me after reading this full article. You’ll be able to take a decision whether you should take network marketing as a career or not.

What is Network Marketing?

Network marketing is a unique business concept where a company offers an opportunity to earn income by promoting their product and services.

Network marketing also knows as Multi-level Marketing and Direct Selling. This is a unique business concept in the market.

There is no third party included between company and consumer that’s why this industry is knows as direct selling. The company offer you to an opportunity to earn by promoting their product.

The biggest myth in network marketing is you need to sell product this is totally wrong. In network marketing, people share the opportunity and help each other fulfill a dream.

There is no barrier in this business everyone can join. No matter what’s your age, education, skills, caste, background, etc. Anyone can start this business as a part-time or full-time.

Network marketing has given many millionaires than any other industry. During the recession period in America in 2007, network marketing helps the country overcome and fix its economy.

People take network marketing so negatively they believe it is a fraud and Ponzi scheme. In the past, many people had done scam, fraud, and Ponzi scheme in the name of network marketing. These people have lost both their money and faith.

Over the years, many genuine companies have formed and working rightly. Both Indian and foreign companies have brought trust in direct selling. These genuine company has given direct selling a positive name in the market.

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Let me tell you, there are only 10-15 genuine direct selling companies in India. These are the company which is a product based and pay the amount cheque.

Even today there is such a company that works illegally and taking people’s money by false promise. Be aware of such a company.

You must do excellent research before choosing any company. This way you won’t fall into such an illegal company.

Network marketing is not a money-making machine, which gives you money overnight by joining. This is not a quick-rich scheme, you will become rich for sure but you have to put effort, dedication, patience, and develop new skills.

There is no investment required to start this business. You just need to buy a few products to active your ID. This is not an investment.

It is excellent news for you because network marketing is solving people’s unemployment problem and it has a big future.

Network marketing is playing a vital role in the growing Indian economy and helping people to solve their unemployment problem.

The future of Network marketing is very brilliant and by 2025 this industry will become 65 thousand crore worth. This is the golden time of network marketing.

How Network Marketing works?

In Network marketing you will already get a plan, product, and offices to start your business.

You just need to register under one company and start promoting their product.

You can invite your friends, family, relative, colleague and unknown people in your business. Show them a business plan and make them join your team.

At the start, you will get training from the company and team leaders. Leaders will always support you to grow your team member and business cheque.

This is a people business, so you need to build a friendly relationship with a stranger and make them join. The more relationships you build with people, there is more chance you increase your team.

Here you just need to focus on team building because this is a people business. You can’t make a big income by only selling the product.

In network marketing, you need not sell the product. This is not the sales job you need to sell the business opportunity. The more people in your team you’ll earn more income.

Let me give you an example of how the concept works. Suppose you join one member in your team and he purchases a product you’ll earn commission 4%. Now when he makes join another person under him and for his purchases also you will get commission 3%.

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This is how you leverage your time and efforts. With this system you will soon become a millionaire and earn passive income.

When your team adds more members, you will get a commission in their sale. Even you don’t sponsor them still by your team effort you will earn a commission.

The more your team increases, you need to put in less effort and get a huge income. This is the system and power of network marketing. It is simple but not easy.

You need not think much and invent your own wheels. By just following systems and leaders, you will make huge money.

Network marketing work like compound growth. So, within 3-5 years you’ll able to make thousands of teams and generate passive income for a lifetime.

I hope you understand the basic concept of network marketing.

Why Network Marketing is a blessing?

Over the last decade, the population has been increasing so rapidly. The population of India now reaches 1.38 billion.

This has caused much unemployment, and people are suffering to get a reliable job. In India, people who have a high degree are doing a minor role like a peon, selling tea, and labour work to earn bread and butter.

Thousand of people dying every day because of hunger. Especially youth are suffering from depression and mentally sick.

Despite having a high degree, they are not getting the job that pays bread and butter. So network marketing is the only way to overcome poverty and change the lifestyle.

These are the statistics of Youth over the years.

  • India’s youth unemployment rate for 2019 was 23.34%, a 0.49% increase from 2018.
  • India’s youth unemployment rate for 2018 was 22.85%, a 0.13% increase from 2017.
  • India’s youth unemployment rate for 2017 was 22.72%, a 0.14% increase from 2016.
  • India’s youth unemployment rate for 2016 was 22.58%, a 0.24% increase from 2015.

As every year unemployment increases, which also affects the economy.
Network marketing is solving the main issue of the country and giving the best lives to millions of people.

Why you should join network marketing

You learn what is network marketing and how it works. Even you also have seen the potential of network marketing in India. The future of network marketing is bright.

Now it’s about you whether or not to go for network marketing. There are every pros and con in each field. It has also applied this rule in network marketing.

No doubt there are so many benefits of joining network marketing and you might also surprise to see.

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I’ll give you 5 best reasons to choose network marketing as a career.

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Respect and positive environment

The respect you get in network marketing is phenomenal. There is no other industry where you get so much respect, like in network marketing.

The day you associate in this business with both senior and junior leaders, everyone will respect you and give you a warm welcome. They make you feel like you are a top leader of the company.

This is the best environment because where everyone talks about the dream, motivate each other, and create positive vibes.

There is so much negative outside, but once you get involved in this business, you will see a great positive in your mind and habit.

You will get positive vibes, hope, and inspiration to face all the hurdles and get what you want. Here everyone will push you and support you.

If you want this respect and a positive environment, then you should do network marketing.

New Skills

You will learn new skills in this industry. No matter what the qualifications and skills you have, everyone start by learning.

Skills you will learn here is a life lesson, business building skills, human psychology, communication skills, public speaking, positive mindset, and many more.

Skills Pay the Bills

These are the skills that will develop you in a better version and help you earn a bigger income. Apart from these skills, you will learn the successful habit of the top earner.

Without skills, you can’t survive in any field no matter what. If you want to develop these skills and become the richest person, then you must join there is no better platform than network marketing.

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Luxurious Life

To live a luxurious lifestyle like a film star, sports person, politician, and businessmen, then network marketing is the best way to achieve it.

Network marketing is a unique concept that works on compound growth. So in this field, you don’t need years to achieve all this.

By sincerely working and giving consistent effort and developing yourself will help you to get everything in just 3-5 years.

Within 3-5 years you can drive a luxurious car, own a luxurious house, and enjoy your holiday in international places.

These are not the myths thousand of networker has achieved this success within a short period.

If you want this luxurious lifestyle, then don’t wait to start your business in network marketing.

Freedom Life

This is the key reason most people take network marketing as a career. Freedom means living an independent life.

Are you getting freedom from the boss, money, time, and able to do what you want?

Network marketing will surely give you the freedom you want. You are the boss in this business and you can work on your own comfortable time.

This business gives you passive income for a lifetime once you make a huge and strong team.

Once you work on this system and create a successful team. Then you will get freedom from financial and time. You will get passive income and you can enjoy your time on the international tour.

Do you want this freedom of life? If yes, then I would say you must take network marketing as a career.

Contribution to Society and country.

In network marketing, you are giving an opportunity to everyone who wants to change their lifestyle.

Some will reject, and some will come in your business. Those who accept your opportunity will surely change their lifestyle by the power and support of the leader and company system.

In this way, you are helping yourself and changing other life and making them millionaire and success. This is the best contribution you can give to society.

The more people become rich society will develop and this way the country also starts developing.

Network Marketing offers you a chance to change your life and contribute to society and the country.

These are the top 5 reasons I share with you. I hope you get more clear about why to start network marketing.

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Why you shouldn’t join Network Marketing

It is difficult to succeed in network marketing. You have to face many problems and issue in your journey.

Most of the people talk about the benefit and show cheque to convince you to join their team in network marketing.

There is a sure shot at success in network marketing, but you must know some important points before choosing network marketing.

Most people make a mistake by just seeing other success in network marketing and they join any company and after two, three months they get frustrated and leave the company.

They are the one who creates negative for network marketing, calling them fraud and Ponzi scheme.

So before you join any company, make sure you know the detailed Knowledge about network marketing.

Check this points why you shouldn’t do network marketing.

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Don’t join people who make a false commitment.

You shouldn’t join network marketing if someone gives you false commitment. They are just convincing you to join their team and ask you for investment.

They make a fake promise like just bring two people in your team and you will become a millionaire, you will achieve BMW and foreign tour.

These are such a commitment you will mostly see in network marketing. If anyone gives you such a commitment, you just move on and search another person.

Little Harm to Social Dignity

Society people think network marketing is a scam and fraud scheme. When you join network marketing possibility is your family, friend and relative may not support you.

Most of the people talk negative and demotivate you. They will stay away from you and it will give you a little harm in social dignity.

Unless you don’t become successful in network marketing, they will keep demotivating you and do a lot back bitting.

So, if you cannot face this, then better you don’t take network marketing as a career.

Looking to get rich overnight

Network Marketing is a business that requires time and effort. It is easy to join and easy to quit.

No one can make a big income within two to three months. You cannot become rich by only joining the network marketing business and hoping the leader will work for you.

This is not a gambler or any lottery which gives you money instantly. Network marketing gives you success and lifestyle, but you also need to give effort and hard work.

Leaders who are getting a million of income every month they have not made by just overnight. It took time for them to achieve this level.

So if you hoping to make money fast, then better you don’t waste your time. Even you join within a month you will leave with a negative mindset.

Opportunity vs Scam

Those who sponsored you in this business you need to talk to him, know him, and check the company details.

A right leader will teach you about team building, giving you training, provide you all the knowledge and work with you in the field. A genuine leader will motivate you and tell you the truth.

The leader who only makes a fake promise and asks you to invest more in business, you must know this is not network marketing. They also ask you to add more members and make them invest more money.

There is no investment needed in network marketing, but if your leader asking you to invest more and more be aware, this is just a scam.

You need to check either your company and leader are providing you an opportunity or they just giving a false commitment and taking away your money.

You must stay alert and stay away from such a company and its leader. This is not a network marketing business, it is just a scam as this will cost you time and money both.

Network Marketing is for not everyone.

Everyone is a network marketing prospect, but network marketing is not for everyone.

This business is for those who really need an opportunity to make money and change their lifestyle.

If you already have a million of money, then don’t go for network marketing. You should try a different field.

In network marketing, you need to start from the base level, work in the field, and then you make money. So if you are already having a million of money, then Network marketing is not for you.

Network marketing helps people to change their life from rag to riches.

Be ready to learn a new concept.

In network marketing, you need skills to develop yourself and grow your business. Some of the many best leaders and trainers give training and teach new skills.

They will teach everything required in the business. In this business, you need to be open-minded to learn new skills.

If you are not ready to learn all these new skills and knowledge, then you can’t grow your business. You cannot wait to make a mistake and learn. This is like a hit and trial method.

In this way, you will soon get demotivate and probably you also left the business. So if you are not ready to adopt a new mindset, learn new skills, and change your habit, then don’t start network marketing.

Final Thought on this topic

Yes, you can make great a career in network marketing and achieve immense success. Be patient and put effort consistently.

I’ve shared with you all the reasons to join network marketing or not. If its reasons do not satisfy you, then don’t go for network marketing, then there are many ways to earn income.

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But if you are ready to start network marketing and want to achieve all those successful and luxurious lifestyles, then you have to learn new skills.

Skills will make you a shot successful in network marketing. The company will provide basic training, but this is not enough.

You need advanced skills to grow your business and team. These are the skills that will make you top earners within a quick time.

Number 1 reason people fail in network marketing is that they lack skills. Don’t make this mistake invest in the best course to develop your skills. This skill will pay you for a lifetime.

Bang On 2.0 - Why Network Marketing is the biggest career opportunity in 2020?
Bang on network marketing

I would recommend you take this number 1 network marketing course. This course will guide you step by step from beginner to advance. This course has change thousand of networker businesses and makes them a millionaire.

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If this article helps you share your thought via comment. What did you decide whether or not to take network marketing as a career?

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