8 skills that will make you pro in network marketing.

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Skills are very important in every field. The difference between the top earner and beginner is the skills they have. The Top earner has developed advanced skills and beginner does not have any skills.

Don’t waste your time running over money, instead invest your time in developing skills.

In network marketing, if you don’t develop skills then you are wasting your time and energy. Network marketing has a great future and this is a biggest opportunity for everyone.

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Many youngsters make millions of money and living a luxury lifestyle in network marketing. Now don’t tell they are the luckiest guy who got a talented team and leader.

It’s only possible because they learn and develop advanced skills. They have mastered these skills after a lot of practice and today they can attract money.

If you focus on money, you will lack skills and if you focus on skills, money come to you by product.

You can also develop advanced skills. Once you master the skills, you will attract money easily. This is not a secret, it is a system.

I’ll share with you the 8 network marketing skills that will help you make a million of money in network marketing.

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This skill will make you a pro in network marketing. So read the article till the end so you don’t miss any of these 8 network marketing skills that will make you ultra-rich.

Practice these skills until you master them. This network marketing skill is very easy but highly effective. You can start today itself.

Change your business level, income, and grow your team with this simple and powerful network marketing skills.

Network Marketing skills that will make you top earner

Without these skills, you cannot do network marketing. If you are doing network marketing without these skills, then you are missing something big.

This network marketing skill is very powerful. When you work with these skills, you will see a big change in your business.

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Every successful leader knows the value of these skills. You can say this is the only secret to become successful in network marketing.

You need to practice these skills 10000 hours to become Pro. The day you master all these skills you will be the next legend of network marketing.

So, let’s start one by one with these skills and how you can master them.

Building a name list

This is the number one skill you need to master it. Your first step in network marketing is to build a list.

There are hundreds of numbers in your phone contact but you can’t remember all of them. Write all this name in your paper or dairy and clear your mind.

No matter if they are your friends, family, relative, or neighbor, just write all their names on the list.

Build a list of whomever you know and they know you too and whoever you have/had known.

After building all your known lists, now expand it by using this trick.

Who all they know list.

  • Do you know some friend of your friend?
  • Do you know some friend of your father?
  • Do you know some friend of your brother?

Recall everyone and make the list go on and on. After writing, all the names follow the rule below to take the maximum benefit of this list.

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Rule to remember while building the list.

  1. Don’t prejudge: anyone by their age, profession, or any other factor. Without judging, write their name on the list.
  2. Rank from 1 to 5: write the name according to the chances you feel they may join your business. Those who you feel have a low chance put them in 1 and those if you feel will surely join in your business rank them in 5.
  3. Sort focused list: It means to write all the names according to your rank. Now make a 5 different lists according to the ranking factor.
  4. Prime focused list: this means focus on number 5 name list, contact them and prepare to invite and show them plan. These are the people you feel they will join you instantly.
  5. Add new names every day: once you have done all the four steps its time you add more names in this list every day. Grow this list more and more.

Remember, you need not show the plan to all the members on your list. Some members are not at the right time.

Connect with all of them, and when time is right, go and catch your fish.

There are unique ways to make a list you can try this format as well.

Name Phone Number Address Profession Remarks

This is the first network marketing skills. You need to practice more and more and master this. The more name on your list, the bigger your team.


This is the number one network marketing skills. You need to master these skills, without these skills, your business will start demise.

Most of the networkers feel hard to prospect and this is the reason a lot of people fail in network marketing.

Prospecting means meeting people, talking with them, sharing contact numbers, and building relations.

It is not hard, as you think. Once you open yourself and start a conversation with a stranger, it will be easy to do prospecting for you.

There are two ways you can prospect Traditional and Digital ways.

Traditional way

Traditionally, you have to meet people in the market and talk with them and start building a relation.

Everyday talk with new people, ask their contact number, and build a relation. When you build a relation, they will start trusting you.

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Remember, don’t share your business plan at the start. Talk casually and make them friends. When you know each other then you can approach them.

You can also target your prospect in this way:

  1. For health-conscious people, you can find them in the gym, dance class, yoga, meditation, etc.
  2. Creative people will be found in craft, guitar classes, hobby class, etc.
  3. If your target is a job holder, then you must visit diploma courses, computer classes, skills development centers, etc.

The list will go on and on. This way you can target your prospect and build a relationship with them and get them to join.

Start talking with people, ask their number, make them friend, uncle, aunt, brother, and build relation. Invite them to the program and show your business plan to them.

Digital Prospecting

You also using Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and many other social media platforms.

Through social media you can easily prospect unlimited people. This is the easiest way to do prospecting from your home.

Digital Prospecting min - 8 skills that will make you pro in network marketing.

Make your profile look attractive and start posting positive and motivational quotes, images, and video. Don’t post negative or any adult content.

Start making a friend in social media and have a conversation with them. Share each other numbers and build a relation.

Don’t post your product or plan and approach people. Build your brand, once people like your post they will come to you.

The rule you must follow.

  • Focus on one platform regularly.
  • Focus on sponsoring.
  • Don’t promote products.
  • Consistently engage.
  • Reduce, Recycle, Repurpose.

Whether traditionally or digitally your aim is to build a relation with a stranger and make them a friend.

Unlike there are many platforms. The real intention is just to build a relation, ask number and Invite in your business.

Prospecting is easy, with a lot of practice, it will become easy for you. Once you master these skills, then your team will keep growing and growing.

When you start prospecting daily, you will become a sponsoring machine. You no longer sort from a list of people. Focus on this skill.


After you have done building a name list and prospecting. Now it’s time to invite them to see your business plan.

If you cannot invite properly, then it is a waste of time. You can’t join any member in your business, that’s why you need to learn and master the art of invitation.

This is also the most important network marketing skills. You must learn how to invite your prospect.

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When inviting anyone you must know the important rule of invitation. This rule works effectively during the invitation.

Check out these 10 important rules of invitation.

  1. Invite in a normal way, don’t be professional.
  2. You must focus on the meeting when you invite.
  3. Always show you’re in a hurry. It will catch their attention.
  4. When inviting your mindset should be of giving. Don’t let them feel you’re inviting for your own need.
  5. Always give compliment it makes them feel happy.
  6. Don’t share everything during the invitation and make them exciting.
  7. Have control on yourself, don’t just show your excitement.
  8. Keep it short and simple.
  9. Always make a time commitment and confirm it.
  10. Schedule the next call and now get off the phone with a smile.

These are some rules if you use it during the invitation it works effectively. There is a unique approach you can use to invite your prospect.

There are three types of approaches to invite.

Head on Head approach. This is a direct approach you can use to invite your close one whom you know already and have a good relationship like a close friend, relative, cousin, etc.

Example of this approach:
Would you be interested in looking at an opportunity to make some extra income without disturbing your current profession?

Zig-Zig approach: This is a powerful approach you can use while inviting who is superior to you in age, experience, etc. You can use this approach for asking opinions, advice, or guidance and indirectly show your plan.

Example of this approach:

My dad always used to say that the best thing to do when starting a business is to take guidance from people I respect and admire. Would you be kind enough to give me your valuable advice if I share my business idea with you?

Boomerang approach: This approach is used to invite the prospect using the third party. It means you tell the prospects they are not the prospects and you are just looking for some people whom they know and who may be interested in doing this business.

Example of a boomerang approach:
Do you know someone who wants to build a second income source along with their current profession?

These are the approach and some rules you can use and follow while inviting your prospect.

IMG 20200726 090128 min - 8 skills that will make you pro in network marketing.

Invite your prospect with a smile and give them value. When you invite you will learn more ideas. Master these skills and invite thousands of prospects for your business.

Business Presentation

After you successfully invite your prospect for your business plan. Now it’s time to give the presentation. Your prospect is sitting in front of you and waiting for your presentation.

Don’t show the calculation of company bonus, product details, or company history during the presentation. In training, they will learn all those things.

In this presentation, you must know your prospect’s need, want, and desire and give him a solution.

IMG 20200726 085012 min - 8 skills that will make you pro in network marketing.

Your prospect is looking for a solution and you must identify his problem and show how your business plan will help him.

Don’t make a mistake like most of the leaders do, they give presentation hours and hours in the first meet. This is the most foolish thing you must avoid it.

Be confident and make sure your voice and body language have full of energy. During the presentation, let the prospect feel your energy and enthusiasm.

A presentation should be simple and problem-solving. The estimated time of presentation is around 25-30 minutes.

During the presentation find your prospect need, want, problem, don’t want, and show how you can help him achieve all this.

Don’t talk about company profile, plan, and product only during the entire presentation. You must take only 5-10 minutes for the profile, plan, and product.

To identify their need, want, don’t want, ask this question to your prospect.

  • At this point of time, what is the most important thing for you?
  • Why this is important for you?
  • What if it does not happen?

Listen to their answer carefully and solve the problem. You can also show the power and benefit of network marketing.

Points to remember during the presentation.

  1. Don’t talk about the calculation or whole detail of the plan.
  2. Keep it short about your company plan, profile, and product and tell them within 10 minutes.
  3. People join you because you show the solution to their problem.
  4. Show the value of your marketing plan.
  5. Show the proof of product, success leader cheque, car, tour pic, house, etc.
  6. Carry all the testimonials of the business kit.
  7. Try to set another exposure or invite in a training program.
  8. Create emotion and add stories. Try to relate with prospects.
  9. Share your energy and enthusiasm.
  10. Be confident, don’t hassle while speaking.
  11. Listen more to your prospect and provide those solutions.
    This is also the most important network marketing skills. The more presentation you give, the better you will become.

Practice and practice and master these skills. Give 10000 presentations to become a pro.

Objection Handling

So, you have given a wonderful presentation to your prospect now you’re expecting he will join. Wait, the game is not yet over.

Your prospect may raise an objection and give you many excuses to ignore your business offer. Some excuse may be genuine but most of the excuse is just to ignore your business.

IMG 20200726 090105 min - 8 skills that will make you pro in network marketing.

If you cannot clear their objection, then game over they won’t join you. Most of the networkers fail in these stages.

No doubt there will be many questions and queries come in mind whenever a person starts something new. He will have many questions, but if you didn’t clear his doubt, then he may not trust you.

So the solution is you must know these skills and handle the objection. Whenever your prospect raise objection, handle and solve it.

There is an old saying sales begin when objection starts.

There will be probably 10 -15 questions your prospect will ask before joining the business. Some objection is:

  • I don’t have time
  • I don’t have money
  • Does this system work
  • I don’t have skills
  • I am not good at sales.
  • I don’t like sales.
  • I cannot convince anybody.
  • My family doesn’t allow and so on

You can use the famous Feel Felt Found formula to handle all kinds of objections. This formula is so effective, and it still works to solve all kinds of objections.

IMG 20200726 090051 min - 8 skills that will make you pro in network marketing.

All the successful leaders and top earners use this formula to handle the objection. These concepts of formula say that whatever question the other person may ask, reply to it by using the words feel, felt, and found.

Example of this formula:

Your prospect asked– I have seen no one being successful in this business.

You can answer like thisI know what you feel when I was approached for this business, I also felt the same that no one gets success in such businesses, but when I attended several events, researched the business model in-depth and met some leaders in the business, I found out that my opinion about this business was wrong. After I found this truth, I built this business seriously, and now I am determined to fulfill all my dreams through this business.

You can use this same format for almost all the objections raise by your prospect. In this way, you can solve his doubt or any objection and make him your partner.

The more objection you solve, the better you become in network marketing. This is also an important network marketing skills you need to master it.

Use this formula and become the master of handling objection.

Follow Up

Network marketing is incomplete without these skills. Follow up plays a very important role in network marketing and your business.

How well you can follow-up shows your growth in network marketing. There is a saying Fortune is in the followup.

IMG 20200726 090038 min - 8 skills that will make you pro in network marketing.

Follow up is a series of meeting conducted after a business presentation and before the sale closing.

You will not get paid for making a list or showing a plan until you don’t close the sales.

Your prospect will not join in your business in the first presentation. It takes five to seven exposure to close sales.

So, you must follow up your prospect within 24 hours after giving the presentation. Sales closing always happens in a follow-up meeting.

During the follow up ask them for anything they want to clarify and once they discuss their point, ask them to start right away. Ask for money.

IMG 20200726 090023 min - 8 skills that will make you pro in network marketing.

You can follow up through call, meeting personal and social media platform.

Follow up doesn’t mean just to get sales close, the fundamental goal is to education and understanding.

You can use tools and events during follow up. Doing follow up many of your prospects will realize and trust that this is a wonderful business.

It may take time to turn a prospect into a business partner and make them leaders. So follow up is necessary to engage with your team and close the sales.

Never stop doing follow up. Follow up with your team and prospect every day.

These follow-up meetings will develop your relation with them, and many of them will be your lifetime partners.

Closing the Sales

This is the most crucial part once you close the sales only then you will get paid. Without closing the sales, all the hard work will go in vain.

Remember, it may take 5-7 meeting to close the sales. Never expect to close in the first meeting, provide a few more meetings, Invite your prospect in the program, seminar, and meeting.

IMG 20200726 090138 min - 8 skills that will make you pro in network marketing.

To close the sales, share a story with your prospect, show what he will lose if he ignores your business opportunity.

Make him realize by ignoring your business he will get an enormous loss for a lifetime.

Create an emergency to close the sales. Tell your prospect that the company offer will expire soon if he didn’t join within the limited time.

He will also miss a special offer from your team which is in a limited period.

When you create an emergency your prospect will take a quick decision and likely to join because he may not want to miss those offers and benefits.

Ask close-ended questions and use a direct approach for closing. Some question you can use:

  • How much income would you need to earn per month to make this worth your time?
  • How many hours could you commit each week to develop that kind of income?

Use such a close-ended question.

Now, after you received payment from your prospect, complete the registration process. Take your prospect sign in form if needed, tell him which product he requires and its benefit.

You can also take some advance if they can’t transfer or handover the full amount. Try to close sales in every meeting but have patience.

Make him believe he has joined the best business and he will soon achieve everything he wants. Show them your workbook and name list to make them believe how serious and prepared you are in this business.

Remember the acronyms that taught everywhere SWSWSWSW. Some will, some won’t, So What? Someone is waiting.

Be confident in yourself and your business opportunity. When you do, you will learn more. This is also another important network marketing skills.

To master these skills close thousand of sales.

Promoting the Events

This is the last but not the least network marketing skills in this article. Events are the key to success in network marketing.

Most of the successful leader turn into a business partner after attending the event. This event is full of motivation, energy, and positive-minded people.

IMG 20200726 085959 min - 8 skills that will make you pro in network marketing.

Events are the ocean of motivation. So, once your prospect attends the event he will probably join your business.

Make sure you also attend events and only then invite your prospect. Without attending training, event, and meeting getting success in network marketing is a challenging task.

Promote every event and sell the ticket in your team, a prospect who yet to join and your guest. This event work for you likes magic.

Don’t promote by just forwarding a message on social media platforms to your team or prospect. Make sure you call them and meet them and invite in the event.

Those prospects who still hadn’t join you after this event chances he will become your business partner.

This event will motivate your team and this will make your team work harder and bring growth in your team.

Some of your guests, friend, colleague, family who are negative you can also invite them to the event. They will become positive after these events.

There are different types of events. Like success seminar, leadership program, training, award function, and many other events.

IMG 20200726 090011 min - 8 skills that will make you pro in network marketing.

In this event leaders will share their journey, the difficulty they have faced, and how they overcome it. Moreover, many leaders will also tell the highest cheque they earned from the company.

This will surely motivate you, your prospect, and your whole team. So, always attend the event even no one is attending.

Make sure you dress up well for the event, be on time, always sit next to your prospect or guest during events and inform all your team before a week. So, they can be ready to attend the event.

The more team attends the events, you will grow more team and generate huge business volume. Remember event is a lifeline for all the networkers.

These are the skills you have to master in network marketing. To learn all the advanced skills step by step and become the top earner of the company within 6 months, then invest in this course.

Bang On 2.0 - 8 skills that will make you pro in network marketing.
Bang on network marketing

This is the best network marketing course, which has helped thousands of networkers to grow their business. You can check the review of this course and invest to develop your skills.

Final note on the topic

These are the skills that will help you become Pro in network marketing. Develop these skills every day because consistency is the key.

Learn all the skills in depth and improve yourself every day. These skills are easy to develop, you just need to practice.

No doubt network marketing is the best of business of the 21st century. To succeed in network marketing, you have to develop and master advanced skills.

I want you to never stop learning and master all the skills that will make you successful.

Some of this article you don’t want to miss.

I hope this article has provided you value. Share with your friends, team, and prospect. See you next time soon with another helpful article.

How much these skills has help you in network marketing? Share your answer in the comment.


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